Unconscious Biases: In Your Biased Opinion...

Are you biased towards employees or coworkers? You? Of course not, but I'm not only talking about gender or race bias. Biases can be much more nuanced than we think. In fact, they may be so nuanced that we don't even know they exist. According to The Wall Street Journal, we all have biases and they can often subconsciously affect decisions. Biases we may not detect in ourselves that can affect our attitudes towards others include judgments on how people dress, look, speak, act, smell, sound, or even walk. One might think a quiet individual disengaged or disinterested, while they are actually intensely thinking or contemplating a comment or strategy. Many of us over a certain age may find tat

Men: A Correlation Between Personal Relationships with Women and Work Relationships with Women?

As a first born daughter whose father was also my business partner and company founder, this article in December’s Atlantic resonated with me. The article, “How Women Change Men,” reveals a correlation between men’s relationships with women at work based on their personal relationships with women. For example “male CEOs with firstborn daughters actually pay their employees more, giving female employees the biggest raises.” Furthermore, “Men who have daughters also grow less attached to traditional gender roles…” You can read the entire article here. Check it out and see if you agree with the findings. - Dawn Reshen-Doty, President

Don't Start 2014 Off-Key: Why You Need Key Person Insurance

2014 is upon us. You and your partner(s) have created and now run a successful business. You have business insurance, liability insurance, property and casualty, health, unemployment, and what must seem like a mountain of other policy coverage depending upon your specific industry requirements. What's often overlooked in many instances is key person insurance, also known as key man insurance. Colin Aiken, Assistant VP of the Life & Benefits Division of Emery & Webb, Inc. best sums up the objective of key man insurance; "It is to provide funds to recruit, select and train a key employee's replacement, replace lost profits and continue the confidence of customers, creditors and employees." S


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