Profitability Takes on a New Meaning with New "Benefit Corporations" aka B Corporations

Many social entrepreneurs are interested in both making money and making a difference in the world. Until now, those who wanted to align their business and social missions have been forced to choose between forming a for-profit corporation or LLC and making substantial donations through them, or becoming 501(c)3 or 501(c)4. In a traditional non-profit organization excess benefits and unrelated business income can be subject to excise tax and ordinary corporate income tax, respectively, and activities not related to an entity's mission could eventually jeopardize the tax-exempt status. Several states have enacted legislation that allow companies to mix business with societal and environmental

“Social Currency:” The New Way To Promote Your Business?

As you may know, New York’s Fashion Week is in full swing. In a rather timely manner, Marc Jacobs, the designer of the famous “Daisy” fragrance will be opening “Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop” in Soho on Friday. The store will essentially be accepting tweets or Instagram photos in lieu of cash. According to Samantha Murphy Kelly from Mashable, “By snapping photos and posting messages with the hashtag #MJDaisyChain, visitors are awarded with Marc Jacobs-branded gifts when exiting the store. This ranges from perfume and necklaces to even purses (the best Instagram photo of the day will win a handbag). Each visitor then visits the front counter to receive a gift.” Lori Singer, the VP of Marketing

We're All Going To Be Hacked!

No, I am not talking about the likely chance of getting your computer hacked at the Olympic games in Sochi. Rather, I'm referring to the "hacking" that is a mindset and term of change that a small group of innovators are implementing, and we should get used to it. Hacking is essentially changing, revising, and morphing the limits of an idea, item or event into another. The idea of "hacking" something traditional and creating something innovative began with the invention of "hackschooling." I have never included a video in my postings but you need to watch this TED talk. It explains the idea of "hacking" applied to education - ie, "hackschooling." According to, "the most

New Soho Crime Novel, "Cold Storage, Alaska" is Reviewed by the New York Times

Benay Client, Soho Press, has a new crime novel in the New York Times book review. Cold Storage, Alaska is written by John Straley who has written three other books about the snowy northern state for Soho Crime. Straley’s bold combination of the Church and State-prison may be viewed by the truly religious as a crime in itself, regardless of his story-line and plot. However, when you add in the fact that this novel is based in a small village in northern Alaska that thrives off of booze and survives off of the antique economy of fishing, readers will begin to realize that this book is more inclined to highlight our human struggles rather than disrespect anyone’s God or Church. Despite the

The Good, The Bad, and The Young: Letting the Younger Generations Prove Themselves in the Workplace

On Sunday, there was an article in the New York Times, which hit close to home. As a Millenial who graduated with a Liberal Arts degree, I can sympathize with the trials young people face in the job market. We’re not only competing against each other, but also with those from older generations who were hit by the Great Recession and are thus willing to take an entry-level salary. Robert Goldfarb, a management consultant for corporations and the author of the aforementioned article, has noted a peculiar bias against the Millenial generation by upper management. He found that many executives are frustrated by their own anecdotal interactions with Millenials and thus transpose these on an e


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