Thanksgiving and Thanks-getting

Last week on a flight back from Toronto, a man several aisles ahead of me couldn't find a place to store his oversized garment bag. I offered to store it under my seat as I was in the emergency row, and had plenty of legroom, being as vertically challenged as I am. When we landed, I carried the bag to his seat. He expressed astonishment and was profusely thankful. In the airport, I stopped at Hudson News to grab a business magazine, and as I went to pay for it, a hand came into view with a credit card. To my surprise, behind me stood the man from the plane who then paid the clerk. He said in a beautiful British accent that I had made his day and walked away. His random act of kindness, which

Another Benay Client In The New York Times!

Parody children's book extraordinaire and author at Benay client, Akashic Books, Adam Mansbach, was featured in The New York Times! "You Have to F***ing Eat" is the sequel to his best-selling children's book parody for adults, "Go the F**k to Sleep", which has sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide. Did you know that trailer for the audio book, read by Bryan Cranston, has over 1 million views?! Read the article here to hear his thoughts on how he feels about being the first author to "kick off the sub-genre of profane board books for adults" and more. We can't wait to see what Adam Mansbach has up his sleeve next! #news


Working with Benay for many years has allowed my company to keep its overhead lean and flexible, and has allowed Steerforth’s staff to focus on the words of our authors while Benay tends to the numbers. The people at Benay are consistently courteous, responsive, professional and thoroughly pleasant to work with.

— Chip Fleischer

Steerforth Press