Bobble Head Boss: Why you need a sense of humor at work

What's the famous old Almond Joy/Mounds tagline, "sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't?" Letting your inner ‘nut’ out can be a great bonding experience, allowing staff and colleagues alike to see the human, and often quirkier than expected, side of you. Often your willingness to not take yourself too seriously can be a team bonding experience. The picture below of me with my colleagues at a trade show event says, “Even though I’m the boss, I can also let loose and have some fun!” It gave license for me to acknowledge a character flaw and gave permission for staff and friends to make fun of me in a light-hearted way, and at my expense! When shown at the appropriate time, humor c

Many Congratulations To Benay Client Tin House Books

The Ken Kesey award for fiction was presented at the Oregon Book Awards ceremony Monday night to Carli Luna for her debut novel "The Revolution of Every Day." Oregon Book Awards recognize the finest accomplishments of Oregon writers; they are chosen based solely on literary merit by out-of-state judges. Excited about this happy news for Tin House Books; anticipating much more applause in your future! Carli Luna, who lives in Portland, OR, has had work appear in Salon, Jacobin, Electric Literature, The Rumpus, PANK, and elsewhere. #TinHouse


Working with Benay for many years has allowed my company to keep its overhead lean and flexible, and has allowed Steerforth’s staff to focus on the words of our authors while Benay tends to the numbers. The people at Benay are consistently courteous, responsive, professional and thoroughly pleasant to work with.

— Chip Fleischer

Steerforth Press