WSJ asks “Will Drones Fly Off the Shelves This Christmas?”

This coming holiday season the newest and coolest mechanism on the shelves of Sam’s club will be a drone. Drones, besides seeming oh so cool, can be very useful in a variety of ways. From getting numerous angle shots at a wedding, to taking bird’s eye view pictures of houses for RE agents, everyone seems to be enjoying the fun that comes with flying a drone. Last year’s holiday season, Wal-Mart sold out of the selfie-stick within a few weeks. Sam’s Club hopes that this year drones are the selfie-stick of last year. Drones could possibly be the next big consumer item. #samsclub #drones #christmas

Can Sears pull themselves back into the market?

Sears Holdings Corp. has continued its sales decline into the 2nd quarter, with sales at current stores falling 14.5%, faster than previous quarters. Sear’s shares fell 4.2% on Monday, and some of their suppliers are demanding tougher payment terms. Despite CEO Edward Lampert’s attempt to increase cash value by selling off assets, cutting costs, selling several of its Sears and Kmart properties, and forming joint ventures with mall owners, Sears has totaled upwards of $7 billion in losses. #sears #WSJ #wallstreetjournal #sales #business

Make Summer Internships Count!

Summer is almost here and millions of young college students and graduates are looking for summer internship positions. I have often asked young people I meet if they know and can fully explain exactly what their parents do for a living. Sadly, most of them don’t know and have never been to their parents’ place of work. So summer internships offer students an opportunity to learn first-hand what working in a business environment really is like. Because many students have never been in a professional work setting they are unfamiliar with the requirements, responsibilities, and expectations that work brings. Make summer internships count! Summer internships can benefit you as much as they do y


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