Difficult Clients: What to Expect and How to Deal With Them

I was recently interviewed by Mark Henricks for American Express' Open Forum about difficult clients. Mark Henricks via No business survives without clients—and no business has clients for long before it becomes apparent that some clients are more difficult than others.We asked three business owners to discuss their most difficult clients and reveal how they deal with them. Rich Stump is founder of Fathom, a 3D printing company in Oakland, California; Susan Stoga is partner at Carson Stoga Communications, a marketing communications company in Schaumburg, Illinois; and Dawn Reshen-Doty is president of Benay Enterprises, an administrative management and bookkeeping service

Congratulations Soho on being reviewed in the New York Times

Congratulations Soho on the New York Times review of their book, Scrapper. Author Matt Bell takes readers to a dystopian world to follow a dark protagonist named Kelly who, despite his scavenging lifestyle, turns to vigilantism upon the sight of an oppressed child. Guided by vengeance, Kelly seeks justice for the child while struggling with his own troubled past. #NewYorkTimes #NYT #bookreview #MattBell #SohoPress

Congratulations Akashic on your New York Times book review

Congratulations to Akashic on the New York Times review of their book, Tehran at Twilight! Author Salar Abdoh, takes the reader from America to the streets of Tehran, as Iranian writer, Reza Malek leaves New York to help a friend in Tehran who has inherited an estate. Recalling a shadowy past among protests in the familiar streets, Malek struggles with the traumatic recollection of his childhood. Whether it be an affliction or a blessing, Malek is granted "a full power of attorney" and is tasked with pursuing the sinister Iranian religious bureaucracy. #NewYorkTimes #NYT #bookreview #Akashic #RezaMalek

Working with Benay for many years has allowed my company to keep its overhead lean and flexible, and has allowed Steerforth’s staff to focus on the words of our authors while Benay tends to the numbers. The people at Benay are consistently courteous, responsive, professional and thoroughly pleasant to work with.

— Chip Fleischer

Steerforth Press