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We're All Going To Be Hacked!

No, I am not talking about the likely chance of getting your computer hacked at the Olympic games in Sochi. Rather, I'm referring to the "hacking" that is a mindset and term of change that a small group of innovators are implementing, and we should get used to it. Hacking is essentially changing, revising, and morphing the limits of an idea, item or event into another. The idea of "hacking" something traditional and creating something innovative began with the invention of "hackschooling." I have never included a video in my postings but you need to watch this TED talk. It explains the idea of "hacking" applied to education - ie, "hackschooling." According to, "the most innovative entrepreneurs are people who are able to hack the status quo and create something completely new." So, how can hacking help you achieve your goals? While your ambitions may not necessarily be the same as Logan's, the hacking mindset is definitely one that can be used for any goal.

Hackschooling makes me happy:

Logan LaPlante at TEDxUniversityofNevada

Now I'm not asking you to go reinvent the wheel, but it might be a good time to actively seek out new options, consciously look at things with a new perspective, and work towards a healthier and happier outcome for all. I've compiled a list of "mind-sets" and actions that can help you and your coworkers a happier and more innovative bunch:

Basically, I want the takeaway to be this: Getting out of our comfort zones invites both risk and possibility, and true innovators love both.

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