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Benay Client, Steerforth Press, has a Newly Reviewed Book in the "New York Times"

Benay is always excited to see our clients getting the positive press they deserve. This time the praise is for Steerforth Press, whose new book The Spinning Heart by Donal Ryan, was favorably reviewed by The New York Times.

The Spinning Heart encompasses 21 chapters, each chapter narrated by a different character from a run-down Irish town. Each character has been negatively affected by the economic downturn, in which the local town developer has left town, leaving the laborers stuck. As Daphne Kalotay writes, “Each speaker has been wounded — by the economy as well as by grim parents, cruel lovers, violence, mental illness and the grief of accidental loss.”

“While the material often feels familiar (we even meet the kindhearted town floozy, now aging and abandoned), Ryan writes with compassion, honesty and an appealing deadpan humor.” Kalotay notes her hesitation at reading a chapter narrated by a completely different chapter, but says that Ryan seamlessly connected them so that she “rarely had to check back to keep everyone straight.”

Benay would like to extend their congratulations to the Steerforth Press team and author Donal Ryan and wish them continued success. You can purchase a copy of The Spinning Heart here.

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