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Overlook Press' "The Tooth Fairy" is Reviewed by the New York Times

Benay client, Overlook Press, has Clifford Chase’s most recent masterpiece, “The Tooth Fairy: Parents, Lovers, and Other Wayward Deities (A Memoir),” in the New York Times Book Review. Chase, who is also known for the novel Winkie, delves deep into his past in “The Tooth Fairy.”

Clifford Chase’s unique style of writing captivates the reader as he takes them on a

voyage through some of the hardest times in his life. These different hardships range from covering up his sexual orientation by forcing himself into relationships with women to his brother dying of AIDS.However, it is not all bad.

New York Times writer, Alysia Abbott ends her review of Chase’s book saying: “Chase still feels the pain of losing lovers, his parents and his older brother, but in writing about them here he lovingly caresses their memories.” Ultimately, “The Tooth Fairy” illustrates, among other things, that there is an outlet to all struggles in life.

We are pleased to see the recognition of our client, Overlook Press. “The Tooth Fairy: Parents, Lovers, and Other Wayward Deities (A Memoir)” is for sale on the Overlook Press website.

Jason DeLeo Jr., Intern

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