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Benay Clients, Akashic Books & Overlook Press Have Books Reviewed in the NYTimes Book Review

This past Sunday’s New York Times Book Review was a big one for two of Benay’s clients. Drawing Autism from Akashic Books received a shout-out, and Wonderkid from Overlook Press received a lengthy review.

Akashic Books

Drawing Autism is a compilation edited by Jill Mullin, a clinical therapist. Much of the artwork is from Glen Russ, “who at an early age developed a passion for music and art.” Mullin was fascinated and decided to explore the relationship between art and people with autism. “Russ’s pictures are primitive but not naïve, while other works in the book are more advanced.”

You can purchase Drawing Autism from Akashic’s site. If you order through Akashic, all copies of Drawing Autism are SIGNED by editor Jill Mullin, while supplies last!

Overlook Press

Wonderkid by Wesley Stace is the story of Blake, a rock ‘n’ roll obsessive, whose band, Wunderkinds, gets rebranded as “Wonderkids, a brightly costumed rock ‘n’ roll act for toddlers.” After Wonderkids’ first tour is scheduled and Blake is on the bus to leave town, the novel curiously adds a first-person narrator.

Lucinda Rosenfeld describes Wonderkid as “winningly dry, occasionally hilarious and enervatingly long-winded.”

You can purchase Wonderkid from Overlook Press’ site.

Benay wants to wish these two publishers, the best of luck and continued success as they continue wowing the literary world.


Working with Benay for many years has allowed my company to keep its overhead lean and flexible, and has allowed Steerforth’s staff to focus on the words of our authors while Benay tends to the numbers. The people at Benay are consistently courteous, responsive, professional and thoroughly pleasant to work with.

— Chip Fleischer

Steerforth Press


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