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Tin House Books' Newest Release "The Dismal Science" is Highly Reviewed in the NYTimes

Tin House’s (Benay Client) newest book received a rave review in the New York Times Book Review. “The Dismal Science” by Peter Mountford is replete with Dante references and homages with “Purgatory [as] the underlying structural metaphor of the novel.”

The story follows Vincenzo D’Orsi, a 54-year-old banker as he leaves his cushy corporate job due to moral differences, as the bank will cease funding to Bolivia if the leftist candidate, Evo Morales, wins. D’Orsi believes this goes against the mission of the company and gives the story over to a reporter friend. The story blows up and obviously D’Orsi’s career with the bank is over. To further his spite against his former company, D’Orsi chooses a new job with Morales’ public relations officer and chooses to give a speech on Morales’ behalf.

“Peter Mountford’s fierce imagination and intelligence drive ‘The Dismal Science’…Though many of the themes examine a darker shade of human nature, Mountford manages to infuse hope.” As D’Orsi traverses the new adventures life has laid out before him, it becomes apparent that Dante and Machiavelli is a driving force behind his (and Mountford’s) intellectual thought. “They are integral to his attempt to make sense of where he is and reflect on the geopolitical landscape of 2005, shaped senselessly by the erratic nature of human behavior.”

Martha McPhee couldn’t have been more pleased with “The Dismal Science.” Her analysis and interest in the themes make the book a desirable read. We wish Tin House Books and Peter Mountford the best of luck as “The Dismal Science” (hopefully) takes the literary world by storm.

You can purchase a copy of the book through Tin House’s website.

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