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You Digital Presence Precedes You

Have you ever Googled yourself? I did, and it was both amazing and scary. Every single piece of information you've ever posted - every blog, quote, tweet, and response - it's all there streaming down the Google page, for everyone to see.

Digital Precedes Physical

If you haven't Googled yourself, I can guarantee someone else has. Whether it's potential clients, prospective employers, love interests, or long lost friends from the past; someone has probably looked for your online presence before.

Once it became apparent that everything posted on the Internet is essentially permanent and easily accessed by everyone, the advice against posting incriminating photos and posts began rolling in. Millennials have been the biggest victims of this, as they've grown up surrounded by this virtual portal into their lives. Posts of underage drinking, sex, and other illicit acts have quickly reaped their consequences on these young Internet users.

But for the older generations, the lack of online presence can be just as damaging as having an over-the-top, shares too much presence. It's important to have a presence, especially if you're looking to change careers. But, having an online presence is also a great way to reconnect with friends and business colleagues and leave an online presence for future generations.

If you're looking to make your business grow, creating an online presence is a great place to start, both for your business and your professional self. Remember to create that LinkedIn page or that a business geared Twitter you may have been putting off. Just spending ten to fifteen minutes a day toward your online presence can increase engagement and awareness for potential customers/clients.

And as LinkedIn guru Marc Halpert has reminded thousands:

"Not having your picture posted on LinkedIn is like having a business card without your name on it!"

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