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PopShop—Uniting vendors and clients, wherever they may be.

As a proprietor of artisanal goods, wouldn’t it be easier if the business could come straight to you, or if you could go straight to the business? Well, thanks to the newly founded PopShop Market, now you can. PopShop is a Fairfield based business that organizes pop-up conventions, and puts 50 unique local vendors in contact with hundreds of enthusiastic buyers.

According to, the benefits of pop-up brands increase affordability, reduce commitment, generate a greater buzz, with higher profit results. What could be better than that? In addition to broadening your market, experts at also say that pop-up brands allow more room for experimentation and creativity, and due to their spontaneity, customers tend to feel a sense of urgency to purchase products.

The founders of PopShop model their conventions after the Brooklyn flea market scene and carefully select the most impressive vendors selling handmade, organic, and repurposed products. Between bringing Brooklyn to the people of Fairfield County and bringing local vendors to hundreds of new clients, PopShop will put the move on your business, literally.

-Sienna Arpi, Intern

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