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  • Dawn Reshen-Doty

Blah blah doesn't mean boring anymore— at least not in Europe

While Americans enjoy the convenience of apps like Lyft and Uber, Europeans have embraced another share service app—BlaBlaCar—which pairs travelers together to save money and lessen the monotony of a road trip. Since 2006, BlaBlaCar has expanded to eleven different European countries, where consumers can connect with others in need of affordable transportation or company (users have profiles with reviews, personal and travel information, and even indicators of their chattiness—hence the BlaBla). Like Uber and Lyft, BlaBla’s success lies largely in its low cost, which is often more affordable than public transportation. In addition, drivers can only charge their companions a fixed price for gas upfront (from which BlaBla takes its percentage), thereby eliminating abuse from drivers looking to make a profit as with other share services. Although BlaBla does not have any plans to expand to the US soon, it could be a sign of the future for the growing sharing economy across the globe.

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