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  • Dawn Reshen-Doty

Unlikely Muse: Karl Lagerfeld

Business advice and inspiration can come from anyone. I am often pleasantly surprised to realize the counsel of people in industries quite different from my own resonate with me. On the surface, it might seem unlikely that I would find Karl Lagerfeld—the force behind the fashion house of Fendi for the past 50 years—a business muse, but his attitude and suggestions are applicable to any business or industry. Here’s the gist of his musing from a recent New York Times interview:

  • Avoid workplace stress: Drama and hysteria don't accomplish anything

  • Look forward, not backward: don't judge yourself solely by past accomplishments

  • Don't take yourself too seriously: a bit of wit and self-deprecation go very far

  • Don't wait for inspiration: just do the work and it will come

As a business owner, it is important to seek inspiration by exploring the unknown. Do not fear the next adventure that could lead to innovation; take advantage of the opportunity and use it to better yourself.

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