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  • Dawn Reshen-Doty

Bobble Head Boss: Why you need a sense of humor at work

What's the famous old Almond Joy/Mounds tagline, "sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't?" Letting your inner ‘nut’ out can be a great bonding experience, allowing staff and colleagues alike to see the human, and often quirkier than expected, side of you.

Often your willingness to not take yourself too seriously can be a team bonding experience. The picture below of me with my colleagues at a trade show event says, “Even though I’m the boss, I can also let loose and have some fun!” It gave license for me to acknowledge a character flaw and gave permission for staff and friends to make fun of me in a light-hearted way, and at my expense!

When shown at the appropriate time, humor can create a comical call to action and an invitation to participate. Attorney Larry Riefberg celebrated his 56th birthday by publicly shaving his head to raise his goal of over $56,000 in donations for Danbury’s Regional Hospice and Home Care.

Showing your comical side can:

  • Show you're human

  • Show that you can take as well as make a joke

  • Relieve stress & tension

  • Sometimes allow you to admit to certain personality quirks, and at the same time make fun of yourself

  • Be a healthy, fun way to ease tensions and let off steam in a business setting

A sense of humor at work allows everyone to admit and even enjoy the hilarity of certain office and business situations, and can be a great release. As long as one doesn't go overboard and not hurt or embarrass anyone, it is a healthy way for everyone to get involved.

Humor shared the right way can promote a positive corporate culture.

“A sense of humor’s the part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done.” — Dwight D. Eisenhower

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