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Always late? Don't be the office schedule-wrecker.

Really excited about my first mention in The Wall Street Journal!

Here is something from that might interest you:

About 37% of meetings start late, by an average of nearly 15 minutes, according to two 2014 studies of a total of 860 workers. Meetings that start late also end 15 minutes late, on average, compared with 3.51 minutes late for those that start on time. Meeting delays put participants in a bad mood, potentially hurting creativity and performance, says the study, led by Steven Rogelberg, a professor of organizational science, management and psychology at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Nearly one in four participants say they’re frustrated when a colleague is six to 10 minutes late; 14% lose concentration. Others feel insulted, disrespected or just plain mad.

Employees at Dawn Reshen-Doty’s company were spending so much time filling in a chronically tardy colleague on what she had missed that running weekly staff meetings became difficult, says Ms. Reshen-Doty, president of Benay Enterprises Inc., a Danbury, Conn., provider of back-office services. One day, she decided to wait for the employee to arrive before starting the meeting.

The latecomer was met by a row of frustrated faces. “Ten minutes of sitting and waiting was long enough for everybody to think ... ‘I could be doing so many other things,’ ” Ms. Reshen-Doty says. “This has an impact on everyone’s day,” she told the former employee as she found a chair. Looking back on the incident, she adds, “The walk of shame does wonders.”

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