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  • Dawn Reshen-Doty

2015’s Best Cities for Black Entrepreneurs

I was recently interviewed by about black entrepreneurship. In an effort to find which cities were most accommodating to black entrepreneurs, they asked several business owners for their advice.


GoodCall asked: What is your best advice for African American entrepreneurs just starting out in the business world?

Dawn Reshen-Doty: My best advice to anyone starting out in the business world is to think of yourself as a unique individual first before demarking yourself by your color or gender. Your own talents, qualities and qualifications are what is going to define you, not the color of your skin. If you’re positive, eager to learn, and forthright, people will want to hire you as well as work with you. Don’t let color or race or religion be a chip on your shoulder – just be yourself. It’s crucial to focus on your strength and experience as opposed to limiting yourself by concerns over race. If someone sees you first as a person of color, and then as (insert your name here), that’s their own biases and prejudices, and you’re probably not going to overcome them at the interview or first meeting. Rather, show who you are and what you’re capable of, then let them judge you based on that. Once you’re in the door of any job or business opportunity, you will then have a chance to show that talent trumps color, race or any other differences, every time.

You can read more and learn more about where black entrepreneurs are thriving over at

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