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  • Dawn Reshen-Doty

It takes a community to build a successful business.

BENAY is the winner of the 2016 Connecticut’s Small Business Administration's award for Best Minority-Owned Small Business. As I thought of how to express my gratitude to my staff for this honor, which is an especially sweet moment in our 30th year of business, I realized that there are so many more people involved in a company’s success and growth than just the owner, and even its staff. While leaders can take credit for many things, their biggest contribution must be their vision and building an effective team to not only carry out that vision but to mold, shape and transform it into a successful entity. Without a team to launch and sustain that vision, the leader is nothing. And the business will reflect that. Ava Duvernay said that if your dream includes only you, it’s too small. Every day I bound into work with enthusiasm and anticipate working with a great group of individuals who truly act as if our clients’ business is their own. Several members of our staff are 18-year veterans; some have only recently joined the team, but they are all an integral part of our success as a company. To all of the current and past employees and young interns who have been a chapter in the book of our 30 year long story, I say thank you! Our company also is a principal cheerleader for the growth and increasing success of our clients, and we work hard to sustain them through downturns and hard economic times as well as support their upward trajectory toward financial triumph. Our success comes from our client’s success and we thank every one of them, past and present, those of 24 years and those who may have just joined us, for entrusting BENAY with their financial well-being. But BENAY hasn’t succeeded alone. We’ve been supported by state and local government organizations and those people that represent them, offering guidance, support and assistance. We’ve been part of our local University’s community as well, employing and training dozens of student interns over the past 18 years, gaining from the programs and graduates who give to us as we give to them. Thank you for accompanying us on the journey. For BENAY, our services are nothing without having the support, input and expertise of business colleagues and affiliated specialists who continually contribute their collaboration, guidance, and intelligence to our clients. To the family of professionals that BENAY reaches out to time and again, the attorneys, insurance agents, financial professionals, accountants, service providers that provide us and our clients with exemplary services, we couldn’t have done it without you. So please share in the accolades and celebrate with us – you earned it.

Winner of 2016 Connecticut’s Small Business Administration's award for Best Minority-Owned Small Business.

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