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  • Dawn Reshen-Doty

New Year, New Clients, New Staff Newsletter

Dear Friends of Benay,

This is a belated happy New Year message. January flew by and it feels as though winter may pass many of us by without a good old major nor’easter! The team here at Benay is growing, learning, improving and we’d like to keep you posted on our growth and success. We're so excited to have many new clients helping us grow in the New Year, and we'd like to share a few. Each newsletter we plan to spotlight them so you can join in celebrating their success.

Sebago Lake Distillery has been busy serving up small batch craft rum distilled in Maine, including their award-winning Barrel Rested Portland Rum. Benay is very excited to have them as a new client and of course, it doesn’t hurt that their product is delicious!

Another client published a book last year that has won praise from the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Jane Goodall, and David Brooks. That's the sort of company we like to keep! Check out New Power to find out how power works in our hyper connected world.

ENB Therapeutics has been busy developing "a new era in cancer therapy," developing treatments that bypass the drug resistance of other therapies for patients with the most challenging forms of cancer. I encourage you to read more about their important work on their website.

Finally, a big thanks to Frank Rowella of Reynolds & Rowella, LLP for nominating me for the Westfair Online C-Suite award which I received last week. Best part of the evening? Having my mom there!

Needless to say, we are growing! Please check out our Benay team page on our website to see the bios of the people who work diligently every day to support our clients and make Benay a success. Welcome to the team Ricardo and Margaux! As we look forward, we hope your lives are just as full of people and projects that keep you energized through the New Year. Dawn Reshen-Doty CEO, Benay Enterprises

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