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Benay Informer 01/26/2022

January is traditionally when people check in with their health...

but we'd like to encourage you to also check in with the health of your business. Makes sense, right? A new year, a new you, and all that gobbly gook..

Feeling your best makes life feel better. Having your business operating at peek performance is a great feeling as well! Take a minute, a day, a few days even, to check in with the "health" of your company. Among other items, you'll want to evaluate how effectively your company is finding and welcoming new customers, acquiring follow-up purchases, and creating value your customers will share with their friends.

On a financial front, it makes sense to review your overall costs, your gross margins, and returns on your investments. Business investments can include items such as contracted services, office products on hand, and your ad spends.

Not all will be a "tangible" item. For instance, my team uses a popular messaging service to communicate between teams as well as the entire company. We feel the nominal fee to use this service saves us time and increases our accuracy, and therefore, saves us money in the long run. Communicating in real-time between staff before taking the next steps is invaluable.

The team and I are happy to help you create a comprehensive analysis of your business, its current state, and its potential for growth in 2022. Reserve a time on my calendar today. 

Looking forward to seeing you grow. 



Articles to help you grow your business.

How to review and update your team's effectiveness.

We all need to assess our skills and sharpen our "tools of the trade" every once in a while.

Create more successful days in your week to close more deals.

Are your sales goals what they should be? Are they too low? Are they sky-high? This Sales Performance Pyramid is a fantastic tool to measure your business.

Payments are evolving as many businesses are switching entirely to digital forms.

Working your mind keeps you alert, sharp, and ready to make successful decisions. Expand your brain power with these activities

Full circle health combines activity, mindfulness, and nutrition. Your brain is better on deliciously healthy food, trust us.

Brain teasers can be a fun way to keep your mind on point and create a team-building exercise at the same time. Double duty actions are a time saver. We love getting time "back in our day."


Remember a couple of weeks ago when we talked about tasks that bring you joy and tasks that stress you out? While Benay can do many things for you, we fully admit we can not do it all. This might be a good time to hire an assistant.

Celebrating misc, possibly made-up, holidays can build joy for your team. Looks like February is going to be a fun month!

Simple steps to being a better leader? Sounds good to us! Set you and your team up for success.

Food and beverage trends you may want to consider launching or partnering on in 2022.

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