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Benay Informer 02/21/2022

Now trending!

Staying “current” and “well informed” in specific business areas can make or break a company and its leaders. I would never be considered a pacesetter nor imitator but, when it comes to staying on the cusp of new technology or implementing better workflows, I am all about it!

Some beautiful innovations have appeared in the business world in the wake of the mass office transition to flexible work situations, at home or in a co-working space!

Just like when you take a chance and spend an evening at a decadently laid-out Vegas buffet, taking the time to peruse all the options before digging in is always a good idea. After all, sometimes you don’t know what you want until you see it; surprises can be fantastic! Alternately, occasionally an item (or service in this case) may seem enticing in your head and then turns out to be an unappetizing lump of grey mystery substance in practice.

Artificial Intelligence. AI is growing everywhere, from email readers and autoresponders to security blockers and medical devices. The possibilities seem endless. But where is the line of balance? We cannot simply sit back and let machines do everything. Even small organizations can find useful AI, such as predictive indicators of where to open new stores or businesses in areas where targeted populations are growing.

Bold Authenticity. The new wave of employees entering the workforce wants to know how and why things are done the way they are done and where they fit as part of the organization from day one. Understanding how the proverbial sausage is made, who makes it, how much the ROI is, why you make it that way, and so on is imperative to these newer associates. They value the behind-the-scenes story. Companies will need to make their missions clear in writing and actions. Take a look at ours.

Clear Virtual Communications. As more and more associates ask for and expect flexible work situations, the need for better communication, workflow, and what we will refer to as modern management is growing. This may also mean hiring on contract instead of on a traditionally full-time basis to better allow for off-hours or off-site work to be done. Keywords: Be flexible and think way, way outside the box of your comfort zone

Will you be implementing these trends in operations this year? Benay Enterprises is ready and able to assist you as you transition your organization and fill in your back-office gaps

Trendy is good, right?



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