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Benay Informer 02/28/2022


Not all trends are about doing. Some trends are about stopping. Dare I even say, canceling.

All around us, we see that canceling movements, people, fashions, and words, is one of the biggest trends in life over the last year. In the media, this practice is seen as a negative. In business, it can be used as a positive!

Way back at the beginning of the year (wow—it seems like a lifetime ago!), like many of you, I made a list of things I wanted to DO in 2022. Maybe I should have also made a list of things I wanted to stop doing. It works both ways, right?

Self-improvement can often be led by letting go of habits that no longer serve you positively and, therefore, hold you back from achieving your goals. Negative self-talk, overthinking simple decisions, and overcommitting your time are great examples of personal habits that keep your life on perpetual pause.

Let’s put this into perspective of the corporate setting with a few things to stop doing that will allow your business to thrive. Let’s let our leaders all stop:

Thinking they know it all. The line, “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” comes to mind as I write this. No one knows everything. And, no one likes the folks who think they do. Allow your leaders the space and time to freshen skills, work with a mentor, and instill a culture that encourages multiple-level input when making decisions.

Being complacent. It’s one thing to deliberate before making a decision, don’t let those deliberations last so long that nothing ever happens, even if the answer is a firm no. You must come to conclusions and move on. Letting items on your list fester can lead to distrust among your team, their teams, and slowly even your customers. Empower your leaders to come to conclusions and act on them.

Fearing the future. It is often said that the only things certain in life are death and taxes. I’d like to add one more thing to his list: CHANGE. Nothing ever stays the same. Time marches on. Innovations happen. Flowers bloom. Snow falls. Stagnant companies that ignore the needs and wishes of their customer base are sure to dwindle. Let your leaders strategically (and cautiously) make decisions, try new tactics, and implement new procedures to continue on the path of growth. Help them let go of a fear of failure with a validation and support system that makes way to keep trying.

And. Speaking of taxes. Are you ready to file yours? Benay Enterprises can help you prepare for your meeting with your CPA before you file your taxes. After all, we want to see you succeed in every aspect of your business. Reply to this email or give me a call to discuss your needs..



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Did you know humans make over 700,000 decisions a day? No wonder, as a whole, we tend to regret about 150,000 of them. Regret less with these tips on making better decisions at the office.

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