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Benay Informer 03/08/2022

Happy International Women's Day!

May this day be a celebration of the accomplishments and strides made by the amazingly outstanding women around the globe to further their standings in society and rights as integral members of nations. While some women stand out more than others, each of us has added to the joy and quality of life in our own way. I encourage you to raise a glass, give a cheer, send a text, or even drop a colorful post on your favorite social media to acknowledge this wonderful day and all that it recognizes in your life today. (Hint, we posted about it on our social media, go ahead and tag a friend to let her know she is appreciated.)

Did you know that March is also the chance to look at history with a female lens? Starting with Women’s History Day in 1978, March is now recognized as Women’s History Month. Organized by the school district of Sonoma, Ca., students participated in essay competitions, presentations were given, and a parade was held in Santa Rosa. (California loves their parades!) The idea caught on, and over a few years, more school districts, communities, and organizations all over the country were celebrating the day. The National Women’s History Alliance rallied for the holiday to be a national week in 1980. This was coincidentally under Pres. Carter’s watch, who had issued the first proclamation declaring the week of March 8 as National Women’s History Week. In 1981, Congress approved a resolution establishing a national observance. Expanding the celebration to the entire month of March was successfully petitioned by the National Women’s History Project in 1987.

While we are here on this subject, I’d love to recognize some fabulous women in history who changed the face of business as we know it today. There are many more I could name, but time is precious.

Clara Barton ~ as a dedicated nurse, she worked with the International Red Cross. Upon returning to the US, she advocated for an American operation of the same name and was their first president in 1881.

Jane Austen ~ at a time when female writers were not encouraged to do so, her books were quickly best sellers that entertained women of all ages and helped to pave the way for future writers.

Dr. Mae Jemison ~ an American physician who was also active in the Peace Corps, is most notably known for being the first African American female astronaut.

Day in and day out, the team at Benay Enterprises is proud to be filled with experienced, professional, and fun-loving women with who I am proud to work hand-in-hand. To get to know each of these ladies better, visit our team page.

Wishing you a fulfilling day,


PS. Get to know even more wonderful females who impacted history—21 to be exact—in the SHE DID IT! book by Emily Arnold McCully. ** Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash

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