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Benay Informer 03/08/2023

A Workplace DO: Celebrate Women!

Throughout time women have been celebrated for various aspects of their characters—from their beauty to their innate supportive nature and intelligence. In recent decades though, we are excited to see women being recognized for their actions, achievements, and bravery.

Benay is quick to praise the women of our team for their achievements, the kind words we hear about them from our clients, and for lending their incredible talents to us as we grow! Today might be International Women’s Day, but we’d like to encourage you to recognize and elevate females in your workplace year-round.

Recent studies published all over the interwebs are touting the benefits of having women in the workplace. We’re sure you could provide us with a few from your own experiences. But, for now, we’d like to share the areas we have experienced the most noticeable, positive growth here at the Benay offices:

  1. Collaboration: In direct correlation to their ability to read non-verbal cues, groups that include men and women together ideate and execute at a higher level.

  2. Recruitment and Retention: Females applying for positions that see other females succeeding lets them know they will also be appreciated and recognized. Employees who feel they are an integral part of any operation will remain with a company for longer length of time.

  3. Innovation in Work Styles: Office, home, at a t-ball game… wherever they are, the women at our office are committed to meeting deadlines and providing quality service while balancing all that life throws at them. It’s incredible to see how business flow has changed over the years!

You’ve more than likely read about strong women throughout history making a difference in the lives of all around them. Until recently, many of their stories of triumph and change occurred in direct response to a personal life situation. We are happy to see more history being made by females in leadership and executive roles in the business field.

In an interview with Forbes, the Chair & CEO of Accenture, Julie Sweet, said, “A culture of equality helps everyone. It is not a zero-sum game.” This all-American lady’s highlight-filled career in law and finance (we like that finance part!) is inspiring—and she is not alone! Every. Single. Day… women are rising to meet the needs of their communities as politicians and advocates, saving patients in all areas of medicine and creating beauty where there was none through their art.

To the female creators, dreamers, builders, teachers, entertainers, healers, and caregivers who surround and amaze us; we humbly applaud and support you!

No doubt, there are highly commendable females in your office right now. From support staff to your top leadership, here are our favorite ways to encourage these ladies to continue striving and attaining excellence in the workplace on an ongoing basis. Our list may seem like it should go without saying, but sometimes we all need reminders.

  1. Provide equal compensation for the women in your workplace. Same work=same pay.

  2. Include your female employees in interviewing all new candidates.

  3. Encourage women to be active participants in decision-making conversations within your company.

  4. Partner with other female-forward companies on projects and future endeavors.

Benay thanks YOU for being part of our story. Turn to us for expertise that comes with care, heart, and a little (female) flair.

Let’s be great together. Dawn


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"“If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one.”

—Dolly Parton


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