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Benay Informer 06/08/2022

Creating strength in numbers.

Throughout history, there are several nods to multiples being better than a single, such as “a rope of three cords is not easily broken,” “two heads are better than one,” and “if you want to go fast, go alone... if you want to go far, go together,” and then there is the ever-popular, “there is strength in numbers.” I could go on, of course… In their own way, each of these commonly used phrases speaks to a group of people being more influential or powerful than one person. As a successful leader, knowing the right number of people and the suitable characteristics needed to complement your strengths is imperative. Building success does not stop there. The second set—even more critical than the more “social” set of numbers—is knowing your financials inside and out. Even if you are not the one compiling and sorting data to track the books at your office, it is good to be aware of and have direct access to them. Take our expert word for it; the top three categories of stats you should know about your business at all times are your Income and Expenses (Profit & Loss), Costs of Goods or Services Sold (COGS), and profit margins. Second, to this, you’ll want to know the status of your current cash flow. Together these two metrics will allow you to create realistic budgets and track your financial trends over time. You may have started your business with a big dream and a good amount of energy and excitement, but to continue to grow and thrive, a good portion of your decisions need to be made “by the numbers,” so they say. This is why our excellent bookkeepers tell our clients there is strength in numbers. It is not the number of locations, employees, or transactions per day. It is the quality of each of these things that matter. Without thoughtful, clear decision-making based on numbers (that don’t lie), we can often be led down paths that do not end with increased ROI. Let us help you calculate the best plan for your business—it is what we do best! May your day be fruitful, Dawn

PS. Did you know June is Professional Wellness Month? Benay will be bringing you wellness tips all month long on our social media to celebrate. Follow us @benayenterprises for all the goodness.



Last week, with great enthusiasm, we celebrated the opening of our Southbury, CT office at 49 Peter Road, Suite 1. This third location allows us to expand our services for our clients and leg room for our team. Drop by!


For your business wellness

Lists are fun! Here are 10 ways to track and improve the wellness of your business.

Calendar blocking techniques for to-do lists are said to improve productivity.

Great leaders learn from each other… we love learning on the go with podcasts.

Communication is key to clear… well… everything.

Thought about doing virtual live events? There are many platforms to choose from to do this. One business-oriented option to consider is LinkedIn.

Is working in groups or alone better for growth? The answer seems to be, “it depends.”

Inspiration can come from many places, especially seeing the success of others.

For your financials

What is cash flow? Here’s an excellent summary.

Knowing a little about accounting can go a long way.

Accounting v Bookkeeping. Yes, there is a difference.

… just because

Groups of animals have funny names… check this out for a quick laugh.

Every great leader has motivational phrases ready to go for any situation. We hope these are helpful.

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