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Benay Informer 09/28/2022

Tips for Streamlining Operations.

Decision fatigue is real—especially when you are the buyer. We’ve all been there, lost in the scroll of CRM options or overwhelmed with the choices and available options for new technology or systems. With so many choices, how can you pick the right one for your organization?

Since humans can only make a finite number of decisions before feeling overloaded, putting some things on autopilot (like ordering office supplies or scheduling weekly staff meetings) clears your mind for more significant and spur-of-the-moment decisions. In sales, giving customers less to decide between often allows customers to be happier and make quicker decisions. This is why brilliant folks like Steve Jobs wore the same thing daily – it was one less decision to make. It is also why the concept of meal prepping eases stressful weekdays.

At Benay, we are about making our clients’ days (and financials) less stressful as they seek to improve their business decisions and operations. Part of this is seeking ways to ensure customers experience seamless interactions with you on every invoice or order. Often, the best tactic to ensure uniformity is to simplify your workflow at each touchpoint—from original order placing to final delivery—by reducing the number of variations available. Lowering the number of options to choose from and having an easily repeatable process to produce client orders will improve your teams’ production and accuracy while reducing wasted time and materials. At the end of the day, these measuring points are key to growing income and will therefore encourage a natural growth pattern.

Well-optimized operations and workflows help businesses reach their goals, save time, and minimize risks.

Implementing this could feel overwhelming at first—as you consider the unique circumstances of each client. Truth be told, many of these needs can be put into groups more easily than you think. Taking the time to refine your product and/or services list to the fewest—and most impactful—choices that cover the largest groups of clients is worth the effort on your part.

One of the first things you’ll want to consider streamlining is how you bill your clients. If possible, this should be done the same every time for every client. Eliminate billing errors and increase cash flow by automating account receivables and payables. Allowing each account to be done differently can lead to mistakes that will slow things down in the long term. It is worth investing in technical systems to automate the accounts receivable and accounts payable processes.

Next, you’ll want to review the paths a customer’s order takes from beginning to end. Create automation—and centralization of shared information—for all the steps you can. Can forms have fewer fields? Can there be a single place on your servers to retain vendor information securely?

Improving internally and client-facing workflows has many benefits, not the least of which is time savings. Time is an asset not to be squandered, and spending it needlessly is your enemy. However, don’t be too rigid – there are always exceptions, and you want to please clients while allowing staff flexibility to cater to the specific needs of your vendors and customers. This is the tightrope all business owners walk!

Let Benay help you find what works for you and what you can streamline in your billing and operational practices. Our experts are excited to help you make the most of what makes you great!

Be the best you,


Benay Enterprises is happy to share our newest accreditation!

Benay Enterprises is happy to share our newest accreditation!


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