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Benay Informer 10/05/2022

Weathering the storm—literally.

Some parts of the world experience earthquakes, some endure extreme heat, and others are prone to volcanic eruptions. The towns Benay, and many of our clients, are in are preparing for Hurricane Season.

Today I’d like to remind you that now is (always) a good time to find your inner Scout and Be Prepared! First things first, make sure to contact your insurance agent and double-check your current policy and its details of coverage regarding any building and equipment damage, business interruption, and other types of coverage. Beyond the paperwork, there are a handful of things you can do to further prepare your business as well. Making sure your business can weather a literal storm is just as important as staying ahead of the proverbial ones.

The physical safety of you, your team, and your building are a top priority. Take a peek at the extensive list prepared by FEMA or for tips on what to get ready for and then look out for as a storm approaches. This information includes being up to date on your hurricane risk, having an emergency plan, and confirming or updating the contents of your emergency preparedness kit.

Once your physical preparedness is situated, it is a good idea to focus on keeping your business safe as well. Backing up files, planning for the possibility of working remotely, or even if all business needs to stop for a day or more. Be sure to review the following with your leadership team (or consult with an expert at Benay) to ensure you are ready if and when needed.

  1. Back up your data. Then do it again. Your files are crucial to your operation. Tandemly utilizing both cloud storage that is geographically far away and having a well-secured onsite system is a great way to feel more secure.

  2. Evaluate your RTO. This is the amount of downtime your organization can bear before your bottom line is greatly negatively impacted. Do you have a savings account that is ready to be your backup if needed?

  3. Determine an off-site location for continued manufacturing, meeting, etc. While not every business is in the business of physical goods, many run better when (most) of the team is together in person. Is there a location outside of the eye of the storm where you can ship your supplies or temporarily relocate your team to that will ensure the continuance of business?

  4. Have backup suppliers. Today’s trends have many people buying and trading locally to avoid supply chain interruptions. While this is wonderful for community building, it might prove to be impossible if all the businesses in town are down for an undetermined amount of time. Create a list of backup suppliers you can trust and lean on for the (hopefully short) duration.

While we hope that the storm blows over with a bit of a drizzle and a cooling breeze, being prepared for the worst often softens the “somewhere in the middle” that actually happens.

Stay safe out there,


Benay Enterprises is happy to share our newest accreditation!

Benay Enterprises is happy to share our newest accreditation!


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"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail"

—Benjamin Franklin


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