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Benay Informer 10/12/2021

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

As we celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, meet the six Latinx entrepreneurs disrupting industries.

The fearless Latinx have transformed our communities and the world, with many contributing to industries, such as arts & entertainment, film, hospitality, science & technology, social justice, entrepreneurship, medicine, and much more. Read more.

Small Business Resources

How to help your business manage the debt paradox

Fear of debt often stalls business growth after the startup phase, finance consultant Ami Kassar writes. Three factors mitigate the risk: a plan for how much money to borrow and why, the proper debt structure, and declining if it's too stressful, Kassar explains. Read more.

Not all business advice is right for your business

When starting a new business, it is not uncommon to get a lot of opinions from people, and these opinions can be mistaken for advice in practice. Read more.

Leadership and Management

The future of women at work and living a passionate life

Business owners and other professionals are still getting accustomed to working partially in an office and partially at home, and the impacts on things like productivity and happiness. Women specifically have felt these shifts acutely. Read more.

Be efficient. Beware of these thieves of your time!

We would give anything to make our day have a few extra hours. You will agree with me that time is one of the most valuable and costly resources for both individuals and businesses and that no one can really control. Read more.

Financial woes continue to plague nearly half of women small business owners

Nearly 60% of Black women small business owners and almost half of women owners overall continue to struggle financially due to the pandemic, according to new data from Goldman Sachs. A smaller share of men owners, 39%, said this. Read more.

Woman Today: Female leaders are good for the bottom line in business

Women are important contributors to financial success because "they are transformational leaders," she said. "They lead with a vision, but they also want to help develop talent within an organization. They want to see others advance to higher levels." Read more.

Are you a great leader? How to assess your leadership skills

Experts have a wide range of opinions about what traits define great leadership, sometimes based on their own values or biases. Read More.

Technology in Finance and Management

Technology can ‘build a better world,’ UA blockchain leader says

The 2021 Blockchain For Business Conference had more than 400 registrants and comprised five panel discussions and multiple breakout sessions regarding aspects of blockchain technology. According to Statista, blockchain is an electronic list of connected records and verified records and is known for its association with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Read more.

Corporate Finance and Accounting

Global digital banking market to reach $30.1 billion by 2026

Strong venture capital funding of financial technology start-ups and their commercial innovations are disrupting the status quo held by cash. Read more.

U.S. earnings seen strong, but supply chains and costs worry investors

Investors are weighing the impact of sharply higher energy costs on businesses and consumers after a recent surge in oil and natural gas prices. While higher energy prices should be a boon for energy producers, they are an inflationary risk for many other companies like airlines and other industrials and cut into consumer spending. Read more.

The evolution of the CFO role: Why accounting and financial planning & analysis are no longer enough

A new requirement has emerged for CFOs – data analytics. Today’s CFO must be facile with data, comfortable with powerful computing, and able to harness business intelligence to drive sound decision-making at their organization. Read more.

Returning to Work

Bigger U.S. retailers charter private cargo ships to sail around port delays

Port delays, Covid-19 outbreaks, and worker shortages have snarled the flow of products between Asia and North America, threatening the supplies of everything from holiday decorations and toys to appliances and furniture. Read more.

How to build your business after a crisis: 5 key lessons from a serial executive

More than ever companies need to make vital changes in their business strategy and operations to survive. This makes the question of how to revive a suffering business a very timely and relevant one. Read more.

4 Surefire ways to fight the ‘Sunday Scaries’ (and become more fulfilled at work)

For millennials and Gen Zers, the Sunday Scaries are even more common, with almost 80% experiencing the end-of-weekend dread. Read more.

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