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Benay Informer 11/10/2021

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Celebrate Women's Entrepreneurship Day with me by joining a webinar I'm hosting on how to improve your business cash flow

Join me in an educational opportunity for startups and small business entrepreneurs at my upcoming webinar, "Seven Strategies to Improve Your Business Cash Flow," in collaboration with the Community Economic Development Fund. It will take place on Thursday, November 18, 2021; 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST. Register and learn more!

Small Business Resources

Small business grants still available for COVID relief

Even though many consider the worst of the pandemic to be in the rear-view, millions of small businesses across the country are clearly still feeling the effects of that, hopefully, once-in-a-lifetime predicament. To help small businesses finally fully emerge from the pandemic, more small business grant programs continue to be created to lend a hand. Read more.

Three places black entrepreneurs can apply for grants to help start or grow their business

Some 44% of Black Americans use their own their own cash to finance their businesses, versus 37% for white business owners, according to a report by Yahoo News. The figures are thought-provoking for multiple reasons. Here are three places offering help. Read more.

Wells Fargo helps revitalize local business districts across America this holiday season

Wells Fargo announced today the launch of “Hope, USA,” an initiative to share hope with its customers and communities in support of small businesses nationwide. Through this effort, Wells Fargo will help beautify business districts in more than a dozen cities across the country and encourage everyone to join in giving hope a hand by shopping locally this holiday season. Read more.

Leadership and Management

Hiring more employees of color isn’t your first step to diversity

Sound familiar? “You’re so well-spoken!” “That’s an unusual name. What can I call you instead?” “This is awesome. Who helped you with it?” Advertisement As many times as I’ve heard these microaggressions throughout. Read more.

Effective leadership: How to be a "better Leader"

Improving your leadership begins with a focus on improving what you're already good at. Read more.

Top six organizational skills for the workplace

Whether you are a boss or an employee, having the right organizational skills will help you succeed. However, what exactly are the organizational skills that you must have in the workplace? Read more.

10 best ways to make new manager training more effective

When a team member is promoted to manager, they take on a whole new set of responsibilities. Human Resources is responsible for ensuring that these invaluable leaders learn everything they need to be successful in their new position, which includes a lot more than the technical daily operations. Read more.

Best 50 women in business 2021

Wells Fargo collaborates with several organizations to publish a report that recognizes 50 women on their business and leadership achievements. Read more.

Celebrating Women's Entrepreneurship Day: Five tips for starting a business

Here are five intangible benefits that women can "cash in on" when it comes to starting their own business and adding "entrepreneur" to their long list of titles. Read more.

Technology in Finance and Management


How AI and HR tech are taking on DE&I and inherent biases

A new breed of diversity, equity and inclusion tools are addressing bias and inequities in the workplace. In the wake of the #MeToo and Black Lives Matter movements, HR leaders are increasingly being tasked with addressing the inequities that exist in their workplaces. Read more.

Artificial Intelligence, automation and the future of corporate finance

Algorithms rule the world … or, at least, the world is headed that way. How can you prepare your company and its financial underpinnings not only to survive but also thrive under this new big data paradigm? In his new book, Deep Finance: Corporate Finance in the Information Age, author Glenn Hopper provides a clear guide for finance professionals and non-technologists who aspire to digitally transform their companies into modern, data-driven organizations streamlined for success and profitability. Read more.

Seven technologies shaping the future of fintech

Technological progress and innovation are the linchpins of fintech development, and will continue to drive disruptive business models in financial services. According to McKinsey analysis, seven key technologies will drive fintech development and shape the competitive landscape of finance over the next decade. Read more.

Corporate Finance and Accounting

An overview of outsourcing finance and accounting services

Unfortunately, many businesses have suffered and not enjoyed the benefits of a good finance and accounting team because of their lack of resources to be able to afford it. Outsourcing finance and accounting services to a third-party vendor or agency can solve this problem for companies. Read more.

7 business functions to outsource for sparking productivity

By outsourcing these functions, you help your workforce with free time and energy to devote to the tasks that they specialize in. Moreover, when you outsource, productivity increases manifolds. Not only this, but your employees also become more likely to experience the psychological state of flow while working, which triggers deep enjoyment. Read more.

Third-party vs. in-house functions: a CFO checklist

In a perfect world, finance organizations could tackle every function in-house. But that obviously isn’t realistic, so choosing between third-party and in-house teams is a common CFO challenge. Read more.

Returning to Work

Talk explores the intersection of hybrid work and diversity and Inclusion

Each scenario — in-person, fully remote and hybrid environments — demands different solutions to meet the needs and expectations of employees. And equipment and security requirements aren’t the only critical concerns. A diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment must add culture to its list of considerations when positioning a hybrid work arrangement for success. Read more.

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