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Benay Informer 12/2/2021

Last minute small business grants available in 2021

Grants have helped many small businesses recover in the past couple years. But there are still many that haven’t taken the time to apply. However, there are still federal funds available to small businesses across the country. Read more.

Small Business Resources

Entrepreneurial culture among women, ingredient for innovation

The development of innovative ideas that seek to revolutionize the traditional is the common denominator in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, an element that has no gender. However, female participation is key in the development of an entrepreneurial culture at a global level. Under this scheme, the International Day of the Entrepreneur (November 19) aimed to make visible the role of women in the creation of new economic units. Read more.

A small business owner’s guide to mental health

With small business ownership comes the benefit of being your boss, setting the rules, choosing the jobs, and taking control. It’s all you imagined it to be and more. The more that causes the problems, though, because when it’s all on your shoulders, you have to work harder to protect your mental health. Read more.

5 quick tips for new business websites

With well over one billion websites on the web, creating a brand new and innovative business site can be challenging. Fortunately, with website design platforms like WordPress, a lot of the main hindrances can be easily avoided. Read more.

Using inspiration when building a startup website

Joey Noble, Community Manager for DemandCurve, shared a decomposition of Zapier’s home page with insights that can be used to improve storytelling techniques. Your own website, including more effective copywriting and action calls. Read more.

Small businesses have until year’s end to get $100 billion in expiring SBA funds

Time is running out for businesses to get COVID funding from the Small Business Administration. Are you leaving money on the table? Unfortunately, many are. Read more.

Leadership and Management

Black women entrepreneurs need funding not mentoring

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor in the United States, 17% of Black women are in the process of starting or running new businesses. That's compared to just 10% of white women and 15% of white men. In the last 20 years, while women-owned businesses have increased by 114%, women of Color owned companies increased by 467%. Yet, despite this early lead, only 3% of Black women are running mature businesses. Read more.

6 essential skills every people leader needs to succeed

There's a huge shortage of People Leaders, and companies are desperate to hire them. HR and People teams have been the ones who see, up close and personal, how taking care of the health and well-being of an organization's employees can positively transform the health and well-being of a company. How does leadership effect your workplace? Read more.

Operation managers: how they increase the profitability in your business

Operation managers play a key role in the structure of a business. Backend office services such as operation managers are just as vital in your business as front-facing professionals such as marketing and salespeople. Read more.

How to discover your leadership potential

When thinking of leaders, who comes to mind first? Presidents? CEOs? People with high ranking and a lot of power? You likely do, but it’s important to remember that these are not the only people who are, or who can be, leaders. Leadership can happen everywhere – at school, at work, or in a community. If you’re interested in taking on a leadership role at work or elsewhere, here are some simple steps you can take that could help you along the way. Read more.

How to develop your leadership style

Gaining an ability to “read the room” is part of fine-tuning your leadership style. Although you may have an idea of how you want to be perceived when entering a situation, your plan may need to change once you’re actually there. Read more.

Technology in Finance and Management

The top business technology trends for 2021-2022

With the new year just around the corner, the world of business is set to see great change. From 5G and the Internet of Things to the blockchain, new technology trends are creating a digital transformation for companies on a global level. Read more.

Top economic concerns for 2022—growth continues, but risks abound

Government stimuli, central bank interventions, and the rollout of vaccines made 2021 a snapback year, following the shutdowns and mass layoffs that had led to a quick, deep recession in 2020. Now, the current economy is unprecedented, with strong growth, rapidly falling unemployment, and high inflation, but also a rapidly rising money supply, growing government debt, and an ongoing pandemic. Read more.

Why digital assets represent an opportunity for corporate treasuries

Inflation in the U.S. is the highest it’s been in decades, and the rest of the world is pensively watching how this will affect inflation globally. As the ripples begin to spread, some are projecting that inflation will remain above target rates through 2023. Read more.

Corporate Finance and Accounting

Table of experts: year-end tax tips

Investments play a large role for both individuals and companies, since the return from investments and realized gains and losses contribute to taxable income. Jones answers questions about how to precisely review end of year taxes. Read more.

9 ways to improve your cash management systems

Cash management is always important, but it’s certainly gotten a lot more attention in the past 18 months. The COVID-19 Pandemic spurred me to realize that the enterprise cash management process has a lot of room for improvement. Read more.

U.S. SEC issues guidance on corporate share-based executive compensation

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Monday issued guidance to listed companies around how to properly recognize and disclose share-based compensation arrangements made to executives ahead of company earnings and other releases. Read more.

Returning to Normal

Three tips for business leaders navigating a new normal

The raging pandemic is showing signs of ebbing in some countries but in others, it continues to peak. The world is opening up within small windows. So, in the current situation, how should projects be handled and delivered? This is insight into current events and the best ways forward. Read more.

The pivots of flex spaces: will it be the future of office space?

Living and working through the recent pandemic, most corporates, as well as their employees will agree that they benefitted from remote work and virtual offices. But while some people might want to continue working from home as life gets back to normal, others find it too hard. Read more.

Will early retirees return to work during the labor shortage?

The ongoing worker shortage is still frustrating employers. One big factor behind the lack of applicants for posted positions is the dramatic jump in retirements during the pandemic. Read more.

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