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Benay Informer 3/30/2021

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Mississippi Cares

Let’s not forget to continuing supporting each other, our communities and our small businesses as we approach the possible end of the COVID pandemic here in the US!

The COVID pandemic has upended so many companies, individuals and their dreams. The hallmark of resilience and entrepreneurship is to pivot, persevere and continue forward. Benay is so thrilled to be able to support Mississippi Cares, a recent start-up that provides custom disinfecting and sanitation services.

You might ask how a Mississippi organization comes on the radar of us here at Benay. Well when you meet an entrepreneur that impresses you, who is passionate about not only business but doing “good” through business, you stay in touch. Since meeting Mississippi Cares co-founder Shakiri Murrain several years ago at a Portland Maine Entrepreneurial event now known as Startup Maine, I have remained in contact. I watched with dismay as his import export business became untenable due to US sanctions, but was heartened and excited as Shakiri kept moving forward, pivoting and finding others to join him in his latest vision for a company whose corporate philosophy is “We’re All In This Together. Let’s Take Care of Our Community, Together!”

Community isn’t just a geographical area, but a group of liked-minded people who care as much about doing good, supporting others and seeing them thrive and prosper as they do of making money. So Benay was happy to support Mississippi Cares by ordering custom PPE packages for all our staff. Please remember to support your community, whatever and wherever it is. And oh, keep your eyes on the young entrepreneurs that cross your path-they will enlighten and invigorate and inspire you!


How women are changing the finance industry

Fast forward from the ECOA to now, and there is much for women to celebrate when it comes to financial independence and investing — especially in the area of alternative assets, which can be held in self-directed retirement accounts and enable investors to diversify their retirement portfolios independent of the stock market.

Learn more.

#finance #businessfinance #womeninfinance #internationalwomensmonth #internationalwomensday #benayinformer

14 tips for analyzing and increasing your business' operational cash flow

Having reliable, steady and sufficient operational cash flow is vital to any business. While maintaining an adequate income is necessary for survival, increasing it is the key to growing your business and providing security in case of a crisis.

Learn more.

#finance #businessfinance #cashflow #income #business #benayinformer

Financial planning adds value to employee stock rewards

Among employers using company stock to attract and reward top talent, it's important to help employees make the most of stock awards by offering financial planning advice as well, new research shows. Some workers aren't even accepting their awards. according to Fidelity Investments. Learn more #finance #business #stock #businessfinance #fidelity #employers #benayinformer

The Fed boosts its forecast for US economic growth this year

The United States Federal Reserve foresees the economy accelerating quickly this year but still expects to keep its benchmark interest rate pinned near zero through 2023, despite concerns in financial markets about potentially higher inflation.

Learn more.

#finance #forecast #economy #economicgrowth #market #federalreserve #benayinformer


The Suez Canal is unblocked, the worlds commerce resumes its course

The mammoth cargo ship blocking the Suez Canal was wrenched from the shoreline and finally set free on Monday, raising hopes that one of the world’s most vital maritime routes would quickly rebound and limit the fallout of a disruption that had paralyzed billions of dollars in global trade. Learn more. #SuezCanal #evergreen #ship #cargo #globaltrade #benayinformer

Kamala Harris visits Connecticut to highlight federal stimulus plan

Kamala Harris, the daughter of a working mother, came to Connecticut Friday to highlight the Biden administration’s plans to strengthen the child care system and pull millions of American children out of poverty.

Learn more.

#kamalaharris #connecticut #politics #businesspolitics #stimulus #federalplan #benayinformer

Can companies align their political activity with their sustainability work?

Corporate sustainability has evolved, and companies have made significant strides in recent years. But their sustainability strategies often neglect their political involvement. And their political activities may not be fully aligned with their sustainability activities or their stated values." Learn more

#politics #sustainability #politicalviews #business #benayinormer


5 opportunities offered by remote business management

Business resilience is the ability to identify, address and recover from changes that have occurred and to drive favorable results amid adversity. The coronavirus pandemic represents a great challenge that not all companies survived, but in this article, I would like to talk about what those that continue to survive have done and especially those that are succeeding today through remote business management.

Learn More.

#business #managemnet #leadership #executive #remote #COVID19 #benayinformer

The importance of business leadership in a post COVID world

This time last year businesses transformed overnight in a way they never thought possible, proving remote working, flexibility and agility is possible. Something people with disabilities have been calling on for years was now happening. Learn More.

#management #businessowners #forbes #leadership #COVID19 #society #business #benayinformer

Life after COVID-19 will require new kinds of leaders

Leadership fatigue is real and is one of the looming post-pandemic hurdles that board members, executives and stakeholders in business, government, nonprofits and religious organizations must address. Yes, leadership as we know it is going out of style. Learn more

#business #management #businessmanagment #leadership #fatigure #COVID19 #benayinformer


COVID-19 stimulus package is a boon for business

American businesses are poised to benefit from twin victories in the $1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief package, which gives consumers more money to spend but doesn’t force companies to raise workers’ wages. It doesn’t include a proposed increase in the minimum wage to $15 over four years, meaning retailers, restaurants and others don’t have to worry about higher payrolls for now.. Learn More.

#business #COVID19 #finances #covidrelief #minimumwage #impact #benayinformer

COVID-19 small business loans are about to get much bigger

Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) just got a boost. Starting the week of April 6, the Small Business Administration (SBA), which oversees the loan program, is improving the terms for the Covid-19 EIDL program from covering six months of economic distress up to maximum loan of $150,000 to 24 months and up to a maximum loan of $500,000.Learn more.

#COVID19 #business #workplace #EIDL #covidinbusiness #newnormal #benayinformer

5 ways COVID-19 can negatively impact your business

The main question is how the COVID-19 or pandemic will impact your company or business?

The seriousness of pandemic is too crucial to avoid. Some industries experienced huge losses due to the coronavirus pandemic. The airline world faced a $29 billion loss while some other small businesses are forced to quit due to less demand for products. Learn more. #COVID19 #business #smallbusiness #company #loss #pandemic #benayinformer


10 social media trends you cannot ignore in 2021

Brands and companies utilize social media to connect with their target audience. We live in a time where technology is moving fast and consumer interests are hard to predict. Hence, it is vital to understand audience preference and foster organic engagement.. Learn more.

#business #technology #businesstechnology #socialmeda #twitter #facebook #linkedin #instagram #youtube #benayinformer

Vaccinated employees returning with un-vaccinated devices

With vaccines making their way throughout the country and lockdown restrictions loosening up, a debate surrounding the office return emerges. Hybrid vs. remote vs. full-time – every scenario is different, as well as the rules and accommodations to make the return safe and productive for all. User systems will be coming back as well, and their absence from the network could present new challenges. Learn more.

#business #businesstechnology #technology #COVID19 #remotework #benayinformer

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