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Benay Informer 5/13/2021

Strategies for maintaining a good workplace culture

Senior management should lead by example and ensure a good culture is instilled from the very top as this will minimize risk, foster positive employee engagement, and essentially contribute to business success. After a year of adapting to unprecedented change, it’s now more important than ever that organizations establish a healthy culture on the return to the workplace. Learn More.


4 steps to make your negotiation successful

Finance executives are often being asked to make organization-altering decisions. Somehow, the pandemic taught us that we are far more capable of change than we may have believed, and it rapidly shifted a finance leader’s focus from reporting and long(er)-term planning to a monthly or quarterly forecasting cadence. Learn more. #finance #businessfinance #financeadvice #negotiation #benayinformer

Forecasts can be wrong

The two ominous and encroaching weather systems make economic and market forecasting extremely difficult. The most recent evidence came from last week’s BLS employment report. The consensus of economic forecasters missed the mark by 734,000 jobs. That is over three times the average monthly job growth pre-pandemic. Learn more. #finance #businessfinance #business #forecasting #financialforecast #benayinformer

11 young professionals on the future of sustainable finance

With ESG gaining more attention and more companies committing to reaching net-zero emissions in the coming decades or otherwise pledging to do better by people and the planet, it’s inevitable that the next generation of professionals in the field will define the future of sustainable finance. Learn more #finance #sustainablefinance #future #benayinformer


Colonial Pipeline attack, gas shortage, motivated by spin and money- not politics

In the wake of the devastating Colonial Pipeline cyberattack causing massive fuel shortages in parts of the U.S., DarkSide, the Russia-based ransomware gang behind the attack, has gone so far as to issue a press release stating that their organization is "apolitical." Learn more. #politics #business #pipline #colonialpipeline #crisis #benayinformer

Social and political factors driving company financial plans

Financial executives are eyeing tax changes expected in the Biden administration, demands for more environmental, social and governance reporting, and diversity efforts. 86% of the companies surveyed will need to change their financial forecasts in the event of a tax change by the new presidential administration. Learn more. #politics #businesspolitics #finance #benayinformer

Do your homework before mixing business and politics

As if you don’t have enough to think about while trying to lead your business to success, now you have a new area of concern. Should your business weigh in on controversial political issues? How do you respond to pressure from employees, customers, or activists? If you are going to weigh in, how should you choose to use your influence? Learn more #politics #american #politcalparty #politicalviews #business #benayinormer


African American women are more likely to start a business than white men

Enabling access to entrepreneurship for all groups in society benefits all of us by creating employment opportunities, increasing innovation, combating income inequalities, and bringing a diversity of ideas into fruition. The disparity between high startup and low established business activity among Black women suggests potential issues with sustaining a business. Learn More. #management #businessowners #success #equality #business #benayinformer

Creating a business development pipeline that works

A business development pipeline is a way of moving prospects through stages, from discovering your firm to closing the deal. If your busy team is juggling many prospects and other responsibilities, it can be easy to have one or more fall through the cracks. Having a pipeline helps you easily track each lead, sell to new prospects systematically and run a more efficient and profitable firm. Learn more #business #management #businessmanagment #pipeline #plan #benayinformer


COVID-19, a turning point for business management

The pandemic marked a turning point in the way many of us around the world do business. Offices were closed, people were quarantined at home and nobody was flying. So, we met online. The technology was available. With so many people now working remotely, our teams meet more often because it’s easier to get everyone together virtually. Learn More. #business #COVID19 #managment #pandemic #impact #benayinformer

For a better post-pandemic future, invest in green business management

In the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, an unexpected but powerful side effect of the efforts to curb the disease was the decline in pollution levels around the world. While those levels have gradually crept up since then, it has shown us that it is possible to affect the trajectory of climate change, even if it isn’t easy. Learn more. #COVID19 #business #workplace #gogreen #climate #benayinformer

Will CT be back to normal by summer?

The seven-day coronavirus positivity rate is under 2 percent and the hospitalizations are as low as they have been in nearly seven months. Those and other upward-trending metrics had Governor Ned Lamont predicting the state would be "back to normal by summer" during a news conference held on 5/10/21. Learn more. #COVID19 #connecticut #business #returntonormal #benayinformer


How conversational AI could shape our language, especially in business

Communicating with bots taught us to be exact, precise and to the point. We get accustomed to a crossfire of short, standard, pragmatic phrases without original metaphors or other figures of speech that add depth and beauty to a dialogue. And these habits transcend the context. Many people use the same tone and style when talking with people as we developed while talking to bots. Learn more. #business #technology #businesstechnology #AI #bots #conversation #benayinformer

What to know about moving your business to the cloud

This past year, many companies had to adapt quickly, transitioning to a remote workforce and changing the way they interacted with customers. A major part of that change was moving data storage from onsite to the cloud. Perhaps you are part of a company that updated its data storage, or maybe you are considering making changes. Learn more. #business #businesstechnology #technology #thecloud #benayinformer

Post-pandemic trends in business and technology

While the pandemic put severe constraints on the process of identifying and making new investments, companies and investors got creative, relying heavily on virtual deal-making, which turned into high-resolution fundraising. But the massive spike in investment capital so far this year is probably not sustainable long-term. Learn more. #technology #business #businesstrends #technologytrends #pandemic #benayinformer

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