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Benay Informer 5/25/2021

Like it or not, Musk has become Bitcoin's biggest influencer

When Elon Musk speaks, bitcoin investors listen. The Tesla chief executive’s often-cryptic messages have sent bitcoin’s price on a roller-coaster ride this year. Prices soared nearly 20% one January morning when he added “#bitcoin” to his Twitter biography. They jumped 16% in a single day the following month after Tesla Inc. revealed it bought $1.5 billion worth of the cryptocurrency. Then, he tweeted earlier this month that Tesla would no longer accept bitcoin as payment for its vehicles. Investors widely blame the tweet for starting bitcoin’s most punishing selloff of the year. Learn More.


Ways to finance your business startup

Putting all of your eggs in a single basket is never a good strategy. Securing multiple financial resources for your business is essential. It’s also important to have backup options for business financing in the future. Not all financial options can be used for every financial aspect of your business. Learn more. #finance #businessfinance #financeadvice #startup #benayinformer

Business economists foresee the best growth in 37 years

The nation’s business economists have grown much more optimistic about the U.S. economy this year, with a majority predicting that increased vaccinations, stronger job gains and further government aid will accelerate growth to its fastest pace in nearly four decades. A survey by the National Association for Business Economics found that its panel expects the economy to expand 6.5% this year. Learn more. #finance #businessfinance #business #forecasting #financialforecast #benayinformer

Is the 4% retirement rule still relevant in 2021?

While some retirees who adhere to the Four Percent Rule keep their withdrawal rate constant, the rule allows retirees to increase the rate to keep pace with inflation. Possible ways to adjust for inflation include setting a flat annual increase of 2% per year, which is the Federal Reserve's target inflation rate, or adjusting withdrawals based on actual inflation rates. Learn more #finance #sustainablefinance #retirement #benayinformer


Debt relief coming for U.S. minority farmers in June

The U.S. Agriculture Department said on Friday it will start erasing an estimated $4 billion dollars in debt to minority farmers in June, as it seeks to address racial discrimination. The Biden administration hopes to make right with Black and other minority farmers, who for decades have lost farmland in legal disputes and been denied loans and government assistance. Learn more. #politics #business #farmers #relief #benayinformer

CT is open for business, but the state Capital remains closed to the public

The call to keep the Capitol closed was made by the two top leaders of the legislature: House Speaker Matt Ritter, D-Hartford, and Senate President Pro Tem Martin M. Looney, D-New Haven. Ritter and Looney are unmoved, saying their goal is to avoid an outbreak as the legislature enters its busiest season. Learn more. #politics #businesspolitics #connecticut #COVID19 #benayinformer

Relocation of young adults is reshaping political geography

The relocations have reshuffled politics. Once solidly conservative places such as Texas have seen increasingly large islands of liberalism sprout in their cities, driven by the migration of younger adults, who lean Democratic. Since 2010, the 20-34-year-old population has increased by 24% in San Antonio, 22% in Austin and 19% in Houston, according to an Associated Press analysis of American Community Survey data. Learn more #politics #american #politcalparty #youngadults #benayinormer


Re-board your workforce with your culture in mind

When companies have the benefit of their employees working together on-site, the workplace culture often encourages interactions among associates and creates work expectations for behaviors, norms and practices. Now, with many companies planning to maintain a hybrid work environment ensuring an aligned culture that applies to the entire workforce while supporting the values of the organization is crucial. Learn More. #management #hybrid #culture #business #benayinformer

5 best business management software

Business management software can help make your work more efficient and facilitate communication within your organization. Most current business management software are built around cloud solutions, which helps keep IT support costs low and ensure that the tools you need can be accessed from any of your devices; in your office, at home or on the go. Learn more #business #management #businessmanagment #software #technology #benayinformer

Industry professionals weigh in on selecting a data management software for your business

A continuous data growth has become the number one challenge for data management. To tackle these challenges, organizations should look for tools and platforms they can trust and which will allow them to keep data secure while not disrupting their business flow and not weighing too much on their budget. Learn more. #business #management #data #benayinformer

Using business simulations and leadership development to enhance change management initiatives

Most of the issues your corporation is facing can be solved through leadership development. Your human resource teams and the hiring managers should pool their minds together and deliberate on the best training services. These will advance leadership development in your firm and help your corporation trudge confidently into change management initiatives. Learn more. #business #leadership #enhance #businessmanagement #benayinformer


How feasible is it for businesses to require proof of vaccine?

Some businesses and organizations have announced that they’ll require proof of vaccination for entry — either because they want to ensure a safer environment or because their state or local government mandates it. But requiring proof of vaccination also raises challenges around logistics and enforcement, as well as concerns about forgery and privacy. Learn More. #business #COVID19 #managment #pandemic #vaccine #benayinformer

Business management lessons learned from the COVID-19 crisis

As the world begins to emerge into a new normal, it’s time to take a look back at those early emergency responses. Which parts of the different approaches were right? Which parts were wrong? By learning from the business management mistakes made in 2020, organizations can ensure they’re better prepared to successfully navigate any unexpected events occurring in the future. Learn more. #COVID19 #business #workplace #management #benayinformer

Here's why COVID-19 vaccine passports are not likely in CT

With about half of the state’s population fully vaccinated and nearly all of the pandemic restrictions lifted, Connecticut health experts say a vaccine passport system would be a valuable tool, but they acknowledge implementing the program would be a challenge. And for Gov. Ned Lamont, he doesn’t see the demand for one. Learn more. #COVID19 #connecticut #vaccinepassport #returntonormal #benayinformer


Digital ways to keep a good track of your business during a pandemic

Tracking your business has always been an important factor, but amidst the COVID pandemic, it has become more crucial. Here is a list of some best business tools listed under their specified categories that can give you real-time tracking of your business and helps you augment your performance in this new normal. Learn more. #business #technology #businesstechnology #digitaltracker #benayinformer

10 ways to leverage technology for a successful home-based business

With so many people accustomed to working in remote environments, businesses no longer need a centralized location to find success. If they make strategic choices about which technologies to adopt, ambitious entrepreneurs can launch, run and grow a successful business right from their own home. One important part of the equation in building a home-based business is having the right tech tools in place. Learn more. #business #businesstechnology #technology #forbes #benayinformer

5 execs share business technology wins

Modernizing the tech stack or helping members of the IT team learn and grow count as wins in trying times. More organizations now have the leadership required for digital transformation, actively promote exploring new ideas and keep employees involved in their digital initiatives compared to pre-pandemic times, according to a Capgemini survey. Learn more. #technology #business #businesstrends #technologytrends #benayinformer

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