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Benay Informer 6/23/2021

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

MaineBiz Small Business Forum

I would love it if can join me on August 25 from 11 am to 1 pm. I will be moderating a session at the Mainebiz Small Business Virtual Forum. This virtual event is geared towards small businesses and startups. We will discuss the modern workplace, marketing, financing, and how to develop a company culture that incorporates diversity, equity, and inclusion. Examples of key topics covered include staffing, building culture in a remote or hybrid work environment, tech support, and much more. Register early for a guaranteed spot to spend a couple of hours where we help each other’s businesses to thrive. Learn more and register here.


Dogecoin: the joke Bitcoin rival

Elon Musk has been conspicuously quiet about Dogecoin in recent weeks, tweeting his support for a change to its fee structure but otherwise avoiding any mention of the cryptocurrency on his feed. Small wonder: the Shiba Inu-themed coin–launched in 2013 as a joke, but rocketed to fame this year by the Tesla CEO–has crashed harder and faster than most of its peers, losing 74% of its value since hitting an all-time-high on May 8. Learn more. #dogecoin #stocks #bitcoin #musk #benayinformer

5 finance tips every small business owner should know

8 out of 10 small businesses that fail are due to poor financial management. If you encounter these challenges, seek simply to implement finance tips. The idea is to discover the specific things you can do to ensure that your small company survives and thrives. Ensure you have money to fulfill clients' orders and other business needs. Here are the five finance tips every small business owner should know.. Learn more. #finance #businessfinance #business #smallbusiness #benayinformer

13 strategies entrepreneurs should leverage to protect their personal wealth

Entrepreneurs are often so laser-focused on growing their businesses that they neglect or jeopardize their personal finances. While your new business may be a passion project, the ultimate purpose of most entrepreneurs’ businesses is to serve as a source of income, not be a drain. Further, you will be better able to focus on growing and improving your new business if you’re not distracted by personal financial worries. Learn more #business #finance #entrepreneurs #wealth #passion #benayinformer


How to breakdown workplace politics

The success of your business relies heavily on the efforts of your employees, making it important to maintain employee satisfaction throughout the company. Although it may be easy for the top-level executives of your company to make decisions that benefit themselves, your responsibility as a leader is to minimize workplace politics and ensure that each decision benefits the company as a whole. Learn more. #politics #business #workplace #benayinformer

The political CEO

When Americans notice business and politics mingling in other countries they often see it as a sign of institutional decay, crony capitalism or authoritarianism. Today the mixing of government and corporations is happening in America. Learn more #politics #businesspolitics #business #CEO #poltical #benayinformer


The building blocks of a thriving company

One of the many advantages of starting a business in this day and age is that there are so many different examples of successful companies that you can experience success by emulating their efforts. The challenge comes in figuring out how the companies achieved success, and what services they relied on when they first started. After all, new companies today have plenty of advantages even if they are expected to compete with the best right off the bat. Learn More. #management #buildingblocks #success #benayinformer

3 ways to mend your broken business spend management

A CB Insights study predicts that 29% of small businesses close shop due to poor business spend management. Financial health paints a clear picture of how well managed a company is, which is why it is advantageous for stakeholders in every department to realize and respect the role they play. When they do leadership gains visibility into every element affecting the company’s financial health so no surprises materialize. Learn more #business #management #businessmanagment #spending #finances #benayinformer

How to sync your marketing with your business management

Business management and marketing go hand-in-hand. And when they are in sync, professional services firms can see increases in visibility, growth, profitability, etc. For this to happen, each team needs to understand the other and how they can support each other. But time and time again, it is witnessed that this often isn’t the case.

Building a business is an often unsung but equally essential aspect of marketing. Learn more. #business #management #marketing #teams #benayinformer

3 reasons to gather employee feedback during disruption

The impulse to pause business as usual during periods of uncertainty is normal. Conventional wisdom might cause leaders to assume that issuing an employee survey amid instability is intrusive and will seem tone-deaf. But recent Gallup research has revealed that people want to tell you how they're faring. Learn more. #business #leadership #crisis #businessmanagement #benayinformer


How a TikTok finance influencer made $300K in 6 months

Tori currently has 1.6 million TikTok followers. If you've ever watched her TikTok videos, it's easy to see why, and you can see her former theater background shine through. Tori tackles personal finance topics in a shame-free, approachable manner. As a result, she was able to bring in $300k in income within six months of posting on the video-based platform. Learn more. #business #technology #tiktok #socialmedia #finance #trends #benayinformer

5 lucrative ways technology can transform your business

Businesses are now relying more and more on technology to pave way for their success. If you are trying to find ways to expand your business profit and ensure better growth, chances are that technology can make a lot of difference for your business, provided you are leveraging the right methods and tools for the same. Learn more. #business #technology #businesstechnology #transformation #benayinformer

Technology reduces barriers for small businesses

When it comes to business, today’s technology has shredded barriers and given options to new and existing small businesses that make it easier than ever to do amazing things with less capital and successfully compete with better established or bigger organizations. There are many examples, from free business plans in a can to online accounting packages that cost as little as $12.50 a month and do everything from bookkeeping, tax payments, billing and collection of electronic payments, and much more. Learn more. #technology #business #businesstrends #technologytrends #smallbusiness #benayinformer


Need of the hour for today's business for a safe and sustainable tomorrow

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on global economies and businesses, wherein no organization has possibly been spared of its onslaught. After a hiatus, things however seem to be falling back on track. With a myriad of questions for the ever-seeking mind about the single most critical element for any organization: the human capital. When it comes to imagining the future impact and role of human capital post-COVID-19, the questions are limitless. Learn More #business #COVID19 #finance #postcovid #benayinformer

Power of partnerships on display courtesy of COVID19

The Covid-19 pandemic has delivered some costly and invaluable lessons, including a reminder of the power of partnerships between government and business. Before memory fades, let’s examine some indispensable arrangements and what it takes to make them flourish. Learn more. #COVID19 #business #smallbusiness #partnership #benayinformer

What your business needs to know about a post-COVID world

Over the course of the past year, we’ve seen disruption across the width and breadth of the business landscape. As entire ecosystems have been upended, the primary focus has been about reacting and responding. But as we begin to think about the future, and the next stage of recovery, we should start to think about how we can proactively reimagine the way we live our lives. With that in mind, here are five guiding principles I believe will help us navigate the post-COVID era. Learn more. #business #COVID19 #postcovid #businessowlrd #benayinfomrer

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