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Benay Informer 7/7/2021

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Jeff Bezos steps down as Amazon's CEO as retailer starts new chapter

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos stepped down as CEO on Monday, handing over the reins as the company navigates the challenges of a world fighting to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic. Bezos, Amazon's biggest shareholder with a stake worth about $180 billion, will still hold sway over the company he started out of his Seattle garage in 1995. He takes over the role of executive chair, with plans to focus on new products and initiatives. Learn more.


How business finance plays an essential part of business

When businesses are starting up, many business owners often find themselves wishing for more sales and faster growth. But not all growth is created equally. When businesses grow quickly if it’s not navigated carefully it can cause a huge risk to the financial fabric of the business. Quick growth can be just as dangerous as no growth at all, so managing the growing pains with expertise is essential. Learn more. #business #finance #businessfinance #growth #benayinformer

Supply chain finance, the next wave of business growth

The use of working capital management tactics gained some further credibility during the past 16 months as certain industries, and many small businesses struggled to keep afloat amidst lockdowns. This was/is applied globally since no region escaped the effects of the pandemic, although certain markets were less impacted than others. Learn more. #finance #businessfinance #business #supplychain #benayinformer

Didi stock plunges below IPO price as China expands crackdown

Didi Global Inc. plunged Tuesday in U.S. trading as the ride-hailing company faced scrutiny over its data security and a broader Chinese crackdown on companies listing their shares abroad.

China’s State Council issued a sweeping warning to China’s biggest companies, vowing to tighten oversight of data security and overseas listings. Learn more #business #finance #tockmarket #Didi #stockwatch #benayinformer


AARP's guarding your health and financial well-being

Americans overwhelmingly believe they have earned their Social Security and Medicare benefits after years of working and paying taxes for them. The programs are a critical lifeline for myriad Americans. Social Security is the main source of income for more than 34 million older households. For many, it is nearly all their income. Learn more. #politics #business #workplace #benayinformer

Big business is seeing what happens when "woke corporations" meet "cancel culture"

Conservatives are upset with companies that don’t share their views on social and political issues, while liberals are upset with companies that don’t follow up their words with action. There is an appetite in both parties to break up Big Tech. The changing politics of business is happening in the aftermath of an attempted insurrection that focused more attention to corporate political donations, and against that backdrop of a receding pandemic that reordered work. Learn more #politics #businesspolitics #business #cancelculture #poltical #benayinformer

For China's business elites, staying out of politics is no longer an option

The fallout from Beijing’s crackdown on the ride-hailing app Didi has ensnared even those who made it a point to not mix business with politics. Liu Chuanzhi recently found out firsthand that in President Xi Jinping’s China, which is engaged in a tech cold war with the United States, business cannot just be business. Learn more. #Business #politics #China #Beijing #didi


Tips in overcoming the competition

If you aren’t careful, or if you take too much time making business decisions, there’s a chance your company might fall behind.

Fortunately, there are ways to manage your business without necessarily having to burn yourself out in the process. It’s all about working smart while keeping things as consistent as possible to help ease the burden. Here are some quick business management tips to help you overcome the competition! Learn More. #management #competition #quicktips #success #benayinformer

Are untrained managers ruining your business?

The reality is that most managers struggle to effectively lead their teams, and that costs a business more than you likely realize. It’s easy to make the false assumption that because they are rock star staff members in a different capacity, they will also be capable managers. Learn more #business #management #businessmanagment #managers #finances #benayinformer

How to sync your small business's marketing strategy

Some small businesses might have assumed all their customers will return, but in reality, many people have grown accustomed to the shifts the pandemic caused, such as purchasing products online. And as mask-wearing requirements change and more of the population becomes vaccinated, I predict e-commerce, technology and business will be sent into a tailspin. Learn more. #business #management #marketing #ecommerce #teams #benayinformer

How have SMEs fared during the economic reactivation?

After an extremely challenging year for small and medium-sized companies due to the pandemic , the economic reactivation is gradually reaching these businesses. It is worth remembering the efforts that these businesses have made to continue operating, which is not surprising, since they are fundamental for the national economy, since they generate 72% of the formal jobs in the country. Learn more. #business #leadership #smallbusiness #sme #businessmanagement #benayinformer


A LinkedIn breach exposes 92% of users

LinkedIn has been hit again with a security breach that exposed the data of 700 million users which, if proven true, would mean that 92% of the site's users would have had their data compromised. Reports say that the data breached and now available for sale on the dark web include phone numbers, physical addresses, geolocation data, and inferred salaries. Learn more. #business #technology #linkedin #socialmedia #finance #breach #benayinformer

Better ways to save money on your business tech

In any business, you always need to have a strong focus on your technology. There are many kinds of tech that you will need to use, and knowing how best to approach this is going to be beneficial for your company in so many ways. Of all the things that you might be trying to achieve with regard to your business’ use of tech, one of the most important is that you are not overspending on it. Learn more. #business #technology #businesstechnology #budgets #benayinformer

Facebook's brand safety business is hottest prize in ad tech

Major digital advertising technology players Integral Ad Science and DoubleVerify are both competing to become favored Facebook partners in an experimental brand safety program at the social network, Ad Age has learned. However, their enthusiasm could be a little premature as Facebook is still barely off the ground with the program, which aims to implement “adjacency” controls in News Feed. Learn more. #technology #business #facebook #technologytrends #privacy #benayinformer


How businesses can rebuild post pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for both new and experienced business owners to retain customers, grow their business, find capital, and provide products and services to customers. With every roadblock to success, there is an opportunity to use new and proven solutions to achieve your business goals. Learn More #business #COVID19 #growth #postcovid #benayinformer

COVID-19, implications for business

Part of the great reset, as companies and countries envision a post-COVID-19 future, is rethinking how technology can serve our needs. This week, McKinsey made the case for why open-data ecosystems for finance is the next frontier and examined the technology rethink required in retail, insurance, banking, automotive, photonics, and biotech. Learn more. #COVID19 #business #technology #partnership #benayinformer

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