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Benay Informer 8/4/2021

Meet the Olympians who have also studied at business school

What drives these decorated athletes to make the transition from Podium to Powerpoint?

For many, the decision to study at business school, often while pursuing their Olympic dreams, is built out of the knowledge that a sporting career will not last forever. Many Olympians of course cannot match the earning power of their peers in the NFL, Formula 1 or the Football Premiership, and know they will almost certainly have to pursue another career at some point in their life. Learn more.


Importance of cost-benefit analysis in project management

Everyone is here to make money. The corporate structures constantly thrive to invest in those things that can provide huge profits but the question arises that how to determine if a business will be beneficial or not. They were old days when people used intuitions or their gut feelings before putting up their money into any business.

Why finance automation fails (and 6 steps for success)

In 2021 alone, 97% of CFOs have planned to expand their digital technology acquisition. But while many are excited about finance and accounting automation, many plans fail or result in inadequate savings. There is more than one root cause. Some reasons automation fails are... Learn more. #finance #businessfinance #business #financeautomation #benayinformer

This brain teaser from a behavioral finance expert can reveal how impulsive you are when it comes to finances

The goal of this exercise is to show her clients that if they can get tripped up by trusting their instincts with a simple brain teaser, they are just as likely to make rash decisions when it comes to their investments. Decision making based on feelings rather than facts is going to derail your plans in the future,” Reiches tells CNBC Make It. Learn more #business #finance #brainteaser #impulse #stockmarket #beavhioralfinance #benayinformer


Strategies to address political polarization in the workplace

Political polarization is on the rise all around the world, with negative consequences for employees and employers alike. In this piece, the authors draw on a large body of research to offer three strategies that can help managers combat this bias in the workplace, and thus reduce the negative impact of polarization on business outcomes such as employee turnover, productivity, and job satisfaction. Learn more. #politics #business #polarization #workplace #benayinformer

The ethics and politics of artificial intelligence

We often think that acquiring more knowledge is always good. If I acquire the knowledge of calculus, I can now do some things that I could not do before.

Yet, what philosophers call a “consequentialist” perspective might propose instead that knowledge itself is neutral: we must know how I am going to use my knowledge in practice before judging whether it has good or bad consequences. Learn more #politics #businesspolitics #artificalintelligence #ethics #benayinformer


How to be viewed as a problem solver in HR

When it comes to measuring your effectiveness as an HR partner through the eyes of the leaders and employees you support, both skills are highly valued. Being perceived as a problem-solver who is also creative and innovative in finding “best fit” solutions will likely result in more frequent invitations to the decision-makers table. Learn More. #management #humanresources #hr #problemsolver #benayinformer

How agencies can gain rapid business insights

How does a federal agency do so when their data is siloed, inconsistently formatted, and scattered across on-premise and multi-cloud environments? The answer is to utilize data insights platforms that can span disparate data sources and locations, and correlate data rapidly for insights that enable navigation and course correction of agency missions. Learn more #business #management #businessmanagment #insights #storytelling #benayinformer

Why health equity matters to your company and how you can achieve it

During this Covid-19 pandemic, there’s been a nationwide push to ensure that everyone is able to achieve their full health potential — regardless of race, gender, orientation, age, income or any other factor. Businesses may be tempted to view this issue as something that only concerns health care companies, but the opposite is true. Learn more. #business #management #healthequity #success #benayinformer

Top CHROs believe flexibility within a framework is the future of work

Though few CHROs foresee their organizations becoming fully remote (there are notable exceptions), most expect greater work-site flexibility. In fact, some CHROs consider remote work opportunities a brand imperative, citing organizations that have already lost talent to more flexible companies. Most CHROs are engineering an approach described as "flexibility within a framework" for their companies. Learn more. #business #management #CHROs #flexiblity #benayinformer


Preparing your technology foundation for a new hybrid model

Enterprise IT professionals are engineers by disposition. We calculate, plan and, most importantly, test. Penetration testing, stress testing, integration testing, acceptance testing, performance testing – the list goes on.

However, if a CIO proposed that every employee be sent home immediately and indefinitely to see if the enterprise’s systems would hold up, that wouldn’t be considered a test – it would be considered outrageous. Learn more. #business #technology #hybrid #remotework #CIO #benayinformer

Big tech has outgrown this planet

What is clear more than ever is that America’s tech titans have formed a separate universe in which they are the sun, and everyone else — billions of humans, other companies, entire countries and governments — are mere planets that revolve around them.

Perhaps even more surprising than the size and scale of these companies is how they have mostly grown more profitable in what could or should have been economic conditions that hurt their profits. Learn more. #business #technology #businesstechnology #bigtech #benayinformer

Three ways autonomous technology can and will change your business

Whether you are part of a multinational corporation or a growing SME, being open to and embracing technological innovation will undoubtedly be critical to your success. Yet, historically, not all technologies or innovations have been within reach and were, rather, limited to those with specialized skill sets and sizable budgets.. Learn more. #technology #business #autonomous #autonomoustech #benayinformer


Breakthrough cases of COVID-19 rise in CT: what is means

Gov. Ned Lamont's Chief Operating Officer Josh Geballe shared a revealing statistic concerning the impact the delta variant of the coronavirus has had on the unvaccinated residents in the state for the month of July. "New reporting from @ctdp ...shows this month as delta has spread you are 17 times more likely to get COVID-19 if unvaccinated and 100% of COVID-19 deaths have been among unvaccinated people," Geballe said on social media. Learn More #CT #COVID19 #breakthrough #delta #benayinformer

CT businesses watching closely to see if COVID restrictions return with recent increase in cases

With so many people vaccinated it’s unlikely we’ll see the kind of shut down that happened last year, but local businesses are watching closely. After a tough year and a half, restaurants are just now getting back on their feet. Many of them are still dealing with issues like labor shortages and now with news ticking up in counties across the state, businesses are bracing for whatever could come next. Learn more. #COVID19 #business #smallbusiness #uptick #benayinformer

Walmart and Disney join a growing group of businesses requiring the vaccine

Employers held off for months on making decisions about vaccine mandates, worried about the legal and political fallout. But facing renewed pandemic restrictions, and with encouragement from government leaders, a growing number of the country’s biggest companies have been embracing the idea. Learn more. #COVID19 #business #vaccine #covidvaccine #walmart #disney #benayinformer

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