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Benay Informer 9/15/2021

Updated: Sep 16, 2021


Finance professionals' strategic value rises as business evolves

The increasing complexity and interconnectedness of the business world is placing a greater burden on managers and decision makers to achieve success, and the Covid-19 pandemic has intensified that pressure. Companies will need to tighten up their procedures and practices to survive and finance professionals have a critical role to play. Learn more. #business #finance #businessfinance #strategic #benayinformer

Closing the nature-finance gap

We found that while the world spends $124-143 billion per year (as of 2019) on economic activity that benefits nature, it spends much more on activities that damage it. Moreover, to protect and then begin to restore nature, we urgently need to close a $598-824 billion annual financing gap. This gap has had devastating consequences. Learn more. #finance #businessfinance #business #nature #gogreen #ecofriendly #benayinformer

Redefining the CFO: from back office to business leader

Until recently, the CFO’s role entailed working in the background leading teams of finance professionals focused on reporting, compliance and risk management initiatives. It was a predictable path based almost entirely on historical data. But the modern finance leader is no longer confined to these old barriers. Learn more #business #finance #cfo #businessleader #benayinformer


The rise of business politicians

Over the last two decades, the share of senior corporate executives holding national political office has increased in the United States as well as some other countries. At least in the case of the US, business politicians are more likely to self-finance their campaigns and to enjoy a fundraising advantage over their opponents. On the balance, the election of business politicians appears to have shifted the balance of power toward corporate interests. Learn more. #business #politics #businesspolitics #politicians #benayinformer

Politics at work

Political topics these days can be a battlefield in conversations, on social media, and at work. How should managers cope with the environment created with polarized main political parties and controversial current events while keeping teams effectively collaborative, engaged, and productive? Learn more #politics #businesspolitics #work #benayinformer


What to include in your company's privacy policy

Privacy is a top concern for businesses, employees, and consumers. You’ve likely seen headlines in the past or received notices of a large consumer data breach. You obviously don’t want your company to be making headlines in this manner, so it’s time to tighten up your privacy policies and data security procedures. Learn More. #management #privacy #privacypolicy #workplace #benayinformer

How CEOs should manage their time in the hybrid workplace

CEOs are among the millions of professionals who’ve seen their long-established work rhythms disrupted during this ongoing global pandemic. During this period, corporate leaders have learned to use new communication tools, limit travel, and lead remotely.

Now, as they look ahead to reopening offices, some CEOs are already talking publicly about how they plan to work post-pandemic. Learn more #business #management #businessmanagment #hybrid #CEO #benayinformer

Keeping a diverse team united in polarized times

Working with a diverse group can be more challenging than contributing to a more homogenous one. There are more opportunities for misunderstanding and conflict, especially in times when personal, professional, and societal tensions are running high. However, these hurdles are easily overcome with intentional leadership and teamwork. Start by establishing team norms that set the stage for psychological safety before stressful events occur. Learn more. #business #management #diversity #success #benayinformer


Digital transformation is only the beginning

Many business leaders feel they are ready to take on digital transformation. The question is, what do they want to accomplish with new technology-driven approaches beyond simply digitizing existing processes or business lines? Some forward-looking companies, recognizing the pointlessness of going through a digital transformation exercise for the sake of digital transformation, intend to do more with the new possibilities technology opens for them. Learn more. #business #technology #transformation #digital #data #benayinformer

A new business mandate for ethical technology

Technology has become central to how all companies run their businesses and compete in the 21st century. At the same time, the pace of change has increased uncertainty, and the rising demand for organizations to address societal challenges has pushed the issue of ethical and trustworthy technology to the top of the executive agenda. Learn more. #business #technology #businesstechnology #ethics #benayinformer

Technology game-changers will make or break businesses of tomorrow

Today, business leaders are using more robotic process automation (RPA), which is software that’s programmed for basic and repetitive tasks. Intelligent automation (IA) goes a step further by combining RPA with artificial intelligence for greater automation of business processes. This transformation is moving at rocket speed. Learn more. #technology #business #growth #businessesoftomorrow #benayinformer

AI equality in business technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are quickly transforming business operations and customer experiences, but not all enterprises are keeping up with the AI trend. Some businesses lag behind because they lack the financial and human resources to develop these tools. Others haven’t yet developed a vision of the AI future, and the extent to which it could benefit their business models. Learn more. #technology #business #growth #artifical #AI #equality #benayinformer


How will the vaccine mandate impact workers and companies?

President Joe Biden announced new mandates on Thursday to spur Americans who are not vaccinated against COVID-19 to get a shot. The measures apply to more than 100 million workers, but it is not known how many of those are already vaccinated.

Here is a look at what the measures do and do not do. Learn More #COVID19 #breakthrough #delta #vaccine #mandate #benayinformer

Legal considerations for managing the COVID-19 remote workforce

While some companies are bringing employees back to the office, other companies are re-thinking their return-to-work plans and are bracing for what is to come as the Delta variant surges. No matter where you are at in your re-opening process, now is the time to review your remote work policies and procedures, or put them in place, to ensure you are prepared for the ever-changing landscape of COVID-19. Learn more. #COVID19 #business #remote #legal #benayinformer

U.S. could authorize Pfizer COVID-19 shots for kids 5-11 in October

The timeline is based on the expectation that Pfizer, which developed the shot with Germany's BioNTech (22UAy.DE), will have enough data from clinical trials to seek emergency use authorization (EUA) for that age group from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) towards the end of this month, the sources said. They anticipate the FDA could decide on whether the shot is safe and effective in younger children within three weeks of the EUA submission. Learn more. #COVID19 #pfizer #vaccine #kids #pandemic #benayinformer

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