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BenayInformer 10/7/2020


Advice to boost revenue streams or find new ones

Changes in customer buying preferences caused by COVID-19 means financial leaders must start considering new revenue sources. “Advice to boost revenue streams” by Financial Management magazine provides ways to remain competitive during a global pandemic. Learn more.

Tips on how to lead in COVID times

Business leaders are faced with challenging and stressful decisions as the world continues to change unpredictably. “6 tips on how to lead in COVID times” by the World Economic Forum provides insights from successful leaders on how they navigated their transition. Learn more.

11 Ways to reboot business momentum in the midst of COVID-19

Much current business has been put on hold due to COVID19. CPA leaders need to get a fresh read on their priorities for existing clients and prospects. The CPA Journal article “11 ways to reboot momentum in the midst of COVID19” shares how firms can rediscover their strengths. Learn more.

Remote working in the wake of COVID19

The economic and behavioral shifts that working from home has ensued are emerging due to new goals by various stakeholders. “Goal Conflict or Goal Confluence” by the CPA journal reviews this paradigm shift and how it has impacted the traditional workplace. Learn more.


How to be a courageous leader in the post pandemic era

Exhibiting leadership can create a sense of stability amidst workplace chaos during and after COVID19. Learn the must have traits for leading in Black Excellence’s article, “How to Be a Courageous Leader in the Post-Pandemic Era.” Learn more.

Ethics in action

The modern workplace can be an ethical minefield. That’s why Financial Management magazine created a practical guide to using the CIMA Code of Ethics to guide good decision making. Search “Ethics in Action: ‘Just Make Something Up!’” to learn more.

Focusing on community is your best marketing strategy

Binance CMO Yi He breaks down the driving force behind building a world-renowned digital assets exchange, detailed in the article “4 reasons why focusing on community is your best marketing strategy” by Entrepreneur. Learn more.

Becoming a sustainable leader

Organizational leadership is vital to a firm’s survival. “Becoming a Sustainable Leader” from Financial Management magazine details how finance leaders can strengthen performance by improving the community and the environment. Learn more.


Avoiding sales tax economic nexus trainwreck

The Journal of Accountancy has provided insight on which states are most aggressive in asserting Wayfair principles to claim more revenue. Search “Avoiding the sales tax economic nexus train wreck” to learn more. Learn more.

Make 2021 your best tax year ever

Now is the time for business owners and investors to be planning to reap the rewards for the rest of 2020 and into 2021. Learn how in Entrepreneur’s article, “What you can do right now to make 2021 your best tax year ever.” Learn more.

Preventing expense fraud

Employees comprising the Upper Management in a company account for 27% of expense reimbursement fraud cases. Read Entrepreneur’s article “5 simple steps to prevent expense fraud” for strategies that can help mitigate the risk. Learn more.


Importance of engaging in social media with other accountants

In an age when social media is booming, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become extremely valuable tools in accounting and finance. AICPA’s article “Engaging in Social Media With Other Accountants – What's in it for You?” explains why. Learn more.

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