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— Chip Fleischer

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August 14, 2018

May 18, 2017

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April 26, 2017

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Summertime and the working is easy - with a little team building fun!

July 13, 2014

Summer is the best time for companies to use their employee's desire to be outdoors, in the sun, and having fun, towards building a more cohesive team. These summer activities are sure to increase camaraderie, show that there's a fun side of any firm, and even give the staff a chance to take that longed for shot at the boss!


Create a Dragon boat racing team. It requires no previous experience or ability, and will allow your team to impress any company by saying, "so do you dragon boat race? We do!"


Go on a museum hack of the Museum of Modern Art and combine esprit with inquisitiveness to create a team adventure.


Make your own company wine and combine the love of libations with corporate branding. Nothing says "we appreciate you!" more than a bottle of "your company name here" wine actually made by your entire team.

Make a company movie or video, showing off the funny side of your organization and the hidden talents (and idiosyncrasies) of your team. 


Incorporate fun into your corporate social values. The Leader's Institute has teamed up with local food banks to incorporate charity into its team building programs by pairing corporate teams with charities in need of food through a fun and interactive golf activity. People are divided into teams with canned and boxed food items in front of them. Groups are asked to build a miniature golf course out of these items, play against each other, and then break down the course. The team members then work together, placing the food packages into boxes that are then donated to the food banks.


Host a day of outrageous outdoor games, with wacky non-physical relay games, closing ceremonies and medals. (Lit torch optional.)


Take the company go-karting and try not to hit the boss... too often.